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Felix 2.0


  • * More reliable printing of large object due to very even heat distribution of heated bed.
  • * Stand-alone printing out of the box, no constant need of a computer.
  • * Higher quality prints.
  • * Reduced assembly time of at least 3-4 hours. Get your printer up and running significantly faster, without soldering.

NEW innovations

  • * Foil heater for heated bed with integrated thermistor, very even heat distribution over whole print-surface. No more soldering/fiddling your components onto the heated bed, it is just a sticker mounted in 2 minutes. Saves at least one hour of assembly time.
  • * Z-axis completely revised. With new vertical linear ball bearing which like the x and y-axis has no play and friction.
  • * Precision machined trapezium lead screw
  • * Linear ball bearing guide
  • * Increased z-stroke enables a print height of 235mm
  • * All delivered components have longer wires, so no more soldering required, just cut them to length and screw them onto the electronics board.

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