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Latest Buccaneer Update

Pirate3D Update 12th Feb 2015

Hi Backers,

Brendan here, today we will be talking mainly about production and some misc items in this update.

General State of Production

Current Capacity: 12-20 printers a day depending on yield of final testing station, current yield stands at 90%.

Issues Faced: Our biggest issue is variance in quality once it reaches the hands of customers. We have almost equal numbers of “Stars”, “Average” and “Duds”. By and large as each batch of printers go out, we gather the feedback and continue to improve our product through various means.

 An example of this would be recently we received feedback from people living in countries lower than 5 Celcius and over extended usage have some issues with the Z-Axis and we call it “Stickiness”, we have tested a new nut and flange for the Z-Axis and have recently implemented, bought a few and now waiting for stock which will survive better in these climates. New solution prints well in 0 celcius, please see the below as our report:

Strategy: Production strategy going forward is to maintain a manageable size until variances can be tightened up. It is far too risky to purchase certain materials in bulk (such as the electronics) until we are more confident of our suppliers, quality and reproducibility of our printers.

Production Schedule: Line has been down almost 4 weeks now due to electronics issues of part quality from our suppliers regarding crystals on the board. Issue first cropped up on the 15th Jan and we have implemented and tested a solution by 20th Jan and are now awaiting new boards to arrive for production. See below for our working timeline for the board, we came up with 3 board revisions to be more robust and withstand poor quality variances from suppliers, hence you will see boards A, B and C. I am posting this of an example of how we do our planning.

Summary: Line will be up on 16th Feb, Feb delivery backers have all been notified and thanks for getting back to us to confirm emails and such.


Here are some videos of things we are trying out, printing with flexible materials, and making objects that are useful to everyday life for our library.

's video poster



Thank you for all the backers who made the effort to visit us over the last couple of months (even from Australia), I really hope you enjoyed your tour of our facility.

For all those of you who celebrate the Lunar New Year, may the year of the Sheep bring all of you prosperity, health and happiness!

 Thank you also to all our backers who write to me and encourage us to walk this path, I admit it definitely isn’t smooth sailing, but we remain fully committed to seeing this successfully through.

If you need any help, email us at or

If you don’t get a reply or you need something really urgently, you can email me at but I usually take a couple of days to reply.

 Talk to all of you soon and thanks for reading.



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