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Morpher folding helmet update

morpher_black (414 x 263)

6 hours ago

Hi all

This is just a quick update (thanks for reminding me jeffgenshaft) to let you know that we decided to go with the original but enhanced catch as there were quite a few problems with the brand new design.

We’re still aiming for initial production pieces by Eurobike and although this is only just over 6 weeks away, the factory say that they are on course for this.

I am hoping to see a new SLA prototype by Monday morning as it has also been necessary to make some small changes to the front and back hinges of the helmet. These changes became necessary because Strategic’s chief engineer felt that there was too much stress in the existing design and that this may lead to hinge failure after a year or so of use.

I am still working on the business plan for the new investment.

Also, as significant time has passed since the beginning of this campaign, I’ll of course ask everyone to confirm their addresses before anything is sent out.

I’ll let you know as soon as there is any more news.

Best regards to you all



16 days ago


Good morning from a sunny ChangPing.

Well, my instincts were right & the prototype model was finished yesterday evening. There is good news & a little bad (as ever!)

We produced two types of catches: A modified version of the original & the new design that I’ve been telling you about.

The modified original works well & I think that we’ll probably go with it & get the tooling started. The newer design has great potential but needs tweaking & I really don’t want to start chasing my tail again while we try & perfect it; we’ll spend a week on it & if it works then fine, otherwise it could end up taking months! So if we can’t perfect it by July 4, far better we get into production with a bona fide catch & work on perfecting the new idea for the Mkll. As my old grandmother used to say “if it ain’t broke, don‘t fix it!” (she didn’t really but they’re very wise words at this juncture).

So, I am hoping that my next update will have good news about the progress of the tooling & ideally we’ll have our first Morphers for Eurobike on 27/8.

On a slightly different tack, because of the delays we have totally run out of funding & I need to raise some investment so that we can continue to operate & accelerate production & sales. Of course, I believe that this company has a great future but there’s obviously going to be no income unless we begin to produce Morphers & capitalise on the interest shown from major brands around the world. As you know, I was considering doing another crowdfunding programme & this may still be an option but I am also thinking about doing a funding for equity scheme. With that in mind, as you are the original group that showed so much faith, if any of you may be interested in buying shares than please drop me an email to let me know. If you can indicate the likely level of involvement that would also be useful. I am just finishing a business plan & feel that circa £250,000 is the sort of level of funding that we need to do this properly & turn us into a profitable company.

I hope that the above paragraph doesn’t muddy the water for you. As ever, I’m just trying to be upfront with what’s going on. Whether or not you are inclined to invest I have so much interest from potential investors that I am confident I’ll raise the necessary funds & that you’ll get your Morphers. As you are the original 742 that showed so much faith I just want to give you the opportunity too should you feel so inclined.

As ever, thanks for being so understanding & supportive.


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