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Morpher Update

Hi everyone

I am back from Eurobike now and absolutely delighted to be able to tell you that the factory stuck to their word and delivered the prototypes that they had promised.

They had promised to bring me “T1” prototypes but what they bought appeared to be far better even than that!

The really great news was the side catches finally work! They’ve done it! The helmets have been produced with an entirely new set of tools and are now a good medium to large head size. There is a new folding “fit system” that I designed during my last trip to the factory and that works absolutely excellently too, ensuring a great fit for a whole range of head sizes and shapes!

There are a couple of small problem areas that have come to light as the tooling was rushed to be ready for the show (to do with front and back rigidity) but Peter (the chief engineer) assures that these issues will be solved in a maximum of 8 weeks and we will then be ready to commence production. At this stage we will have to send off some sample helmets in order to get official certification. The factory are going to let me know how long this process should take and I’ll let you all know as soon as I do.

With the new fit system the helmet is really comfortable too.

These pictures show the size difference between the old Morpher helmets (where the catches didn’t work) and the new ones. (The new ones have the logo on them) I have spared no expense and used an incredibly technically advanced method in order to show how the sizes differ… (for the technically minded among you it’s called the “hotel bathroom floor technique”)


The stand was good and Morpher was received really incredibly by all who saw it.


Everyone, it’s good to be able to give a positive report for once! Thanks for your patience… I’m sure it’s all going to be worthwhile in the end.

Best wishes to you all


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