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Scanadu update


Here is our monthly update: it’s still good news! 

We’ve been very busy juggling around many moving parts of the Scanadu Scout™. For many of us this has been the most difficult thing we ever did and we are at a rate where we learn in hours what would normally take months or years.  Work has become an addiction and creating meaning for you is a very rewarding one.

We’ll all learn together!  On this first edition of the device you can read ‘SAPERE AUDE’ : dare to know.  It was once  the battle cry of the Enlightenment, it is now the mission for all of us to have our own device that will start to timeline our health numbers and perhaps even change our health in real-time.

We have many tasks running in parallel in order to meet our deadlines.We have successfully completed our Design controls, which are necessary for FDA and a part of our Quality Management System. We have tools for our injection molded parts being developed, our testing is progressing through Larson Automation in California, and IDEO in Palo Alto has jumped into our user experience so that it becomes what we dream it to be.
For the app we wanted the flexibility and efficiency for you to scan on the go or dive in deep and build a profile that allows you to customize your ‘Scout experience’.   By creating a profile the device will fuse your age, height, weight and gender with the data collected by the sensors to give you more dynamic results. You can even customize your results screen to highlight an individual measurement or you can set alerts yourself to tell you when you go out of range.

The Scanadu Scout™ will come ready to check your
blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygenation and heart rate variability and based on the current schedule our first pilot build is expected to be finished on the first of February, which gives us the whole month for our verification testing, and should allow us to begin shipping by the end of March.

Next week we’ll share with you on the logistics of shipping, making sure we have all your correct shipping addresses and your choice of color. The forms we will send you will be all automated and easy to fill in.  We are implementing a CRM as we speak.

Yep, there’s electricity in the air here at NASA AMES Building 20, shipment days are approaching and we are already able to see how that excitement affects our heart rate variability. It’s all cool.

The Scanadu Team

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