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The WillyBot 3D printer

The team behind the new WillyBot 3D printer are based in Korea – you can find the development web page here.  To read more about this printer you can see the write up at 3Ders.


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  • bot Reply

    It is the worst choice to buy willybot.
    The members of assemly line are eager to put their life to build a successful printer.
    However, Mr William, the developer, the designer is out of mind.
    He is not responsible to the printer.
    He say always, the assembly men are responsible to the fault of the product.
    When I investigeted the printer, most important parts are designed wrong.
    And then, I issued that problem on their bulletin board, so called cafe.
    But it was ignored by William.

    Do not buy willybot never.

    June 21, 2013 at 3:21 pm

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