Bucanneer Interview with You Jun (Chief Designer)

buccaneer2 buccaneer3

This ladies and gentlemen is what we stand for and what you are backing. It should be the printer that solves the woes of many who have tried 3D printing and gotten tired of calibration and low reliability and lack of consistency.

We are here to build a 3D printer everyone can use, that is our vision. Not just for one super pro or for a niche group of people.

Thanks for all your support and encouragement and we will put out a summary on Wednesday about deadlines, forms and refunds.

P.S All these prints were made on our printer that has gone for 180 hours non-stop. No calibration and no jamming.


One thing to remember and we did not upload this update and that is that the Bucanneer Team have decided not to include the capability to print with ABS (although they did say they will have a software patch if required).  Although the PLA prints do look really good.

You can read more here http://goo.gl/NRmynP