Tough and flexible. 

PCTPE is Taulman’s version of a flexible filament,  which is a co-polymer of TPE and Nylon. It boasts outstanding impact resistance due to its tough and flexible hardness. It is highly flexible but has a low amount of elasticity, so it retains its original shape after being stretched or compressed. PCTPE can be printed on a bowden set up, and doesn’t require a very high print temperature. This makes it able to print on a large variety of machines.

Although it has a lower print temperature and does not require an enclosure, PCTPE can be challenging to print with depending on the hardware used. Getting this material to adhere to the print bed without warping can be challenging – This can be countered by using an adhesive on the build plate such as Magigoo. Printing on High temperatures may cause stringing, which typically can be solved by increasing the cooling fan speed. 

Used for: Shoe insoles, Flexible casings, Wearable Cosplay applications, Phone cases.




Very High





Recommended Settings

Print Temp

235°C -250°C

Temp may vary on brand

Bed Temp

45°C - 65°C

Temp may vary on brand

Print Surface

Heated Bed Required

No Enclosure Required

Cooling Fan required

Example Prints