Kreyos smart watch update

1 day ago


Hi Everyone,

We’ve finally met up and finalized some details with our logistics partners. And, yes, the good news is that we can ship out the first 5000 units to our US warehouses! We’ll then be distributing these initial units from there.

More good news: our FCC certification is finally approved. It’ll take around seven business days for it to be searchable on the FCC online database, though. Despite that, this means we’ve already gotten the green light to ship out the 5000 units since we have the approval needed.

The container vessel we’re using is already booked for the 2nd of June. Our partners advised us to use LCL, or Less Than Container Load. This means we’ll be sharing the container with someone else as we can’t fill a whole container as of the moment.

We’re also still pushing our supplier to get the speakers to us earlier so we can churn out more on our assembly lines.

We’ve got more updates coming in on the next few days so stay tuned, guys.


Best Regards,

The Kreyos Team

3 days ago


22nd of May Update Part 2:
Packaging for Meteor Accessories

Here’s a not-so-eye-catching old version of the accessories packaging we previously had. We’ve experience a lot of issues with this (one of which was that the front was easily opened if you exert enough force to it). We spent a lot of time going back and forth with our supplier on trying to improve this. So, instead, we scrapped everything and finally opted for a much simpler, more practical design.




The Meteor Belt Clip

The belt clip is one of our most widely-sold accessories. (And since we’re also giving a limited edition ash belt clip to our backers, we wanted to make sure that it’s going to be an awesome product.) If you noticed, the old version has a Kreyos logo on it and that it has no metal support. To make sure that the belt clip stays even more secure when clipped, we’ve also added a metal support to it for a better grip.




We’ve got more updates coming for you guys very soon, so stay tuned!

Best regards,

The Kreyos Team

3 days ago


22nd of May Update Part 1:

Hi Everyone,

There’s been quite a few questions on whether we’re going to ship the first 5000 units to our US warehouse. Currently, we’re still in discussion with our logistics partners if this could be a possibility. We really want this to happen, so our US logistics partners are flying down to China to meet with us this Friday night.  That being said, we’ll be posting another update right after we’ve met with them.

On another note, there’s been some of you who might have downloaded our iOS app. We apologize as this app isn’t 100% ready yet. We’ve submitted the app in advance since there’s been some situations where the app isn’t approved for a long period of time. We’ll give you guys an update when we deem that the iOS app is ready.

On this week’s update we’re also presenting you some behind-the-scenes photos that we haven’t shared with you guys yet. We want to improve our communication with you so we’re giving you a closer look on some packaging designs that didn’t make the cut.  Check out the captions on the images below for more info!

Also, we’ve posted a video briefly showing the material that we used for the Meteor’s protective cover. See, previously we used normal ABS materials that aren’t fire-resistant. However, the Meteors that we’re producing right now are made from ABS 94v0, a flame-retardant material that could extinguish flames set on it. Check it out here:




(Continued in Part 2)