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Large 3D Printing Filament Spools

Planning a large print? Printing lots of the same item? Here you can find large 3D printing filament spools to keep you stocked up for longer.


Premium PLA

An easy to print Premium PLA, extremely low warp (if at any). It's a slightly modified PLA to give your prints extra strength and durability. A wide range of colours
Spool Size: 2.3kg & 4.5kg

Azurefilm PLA

Azurefilm PLA is versatile and easy to print with. Spools available in Black and white up to a massive 10kg. Allowing you to print for days on end with no worry about filament running out.
Spool Size: 2.1kg, 5kg & 10kg

FilaPrint PET-G

FilaPrint PET-G, when you need a strong, impact resistant, super bonding 3D printing filament, at an affordable price, in a wide range of wonderfully strong colours, then FilaPrint PET-G is definitely for you.
Spool Size: 2.3kg & 4.5kg


A quality PLA from the manufacturer eSUN. PLA + is tougher and less brittle than regular PLA, with, as expected, no warping or delamination issues. Available in a wide range of colours at an affordable price,
Spool Size: 3kg & 5kg


Impact PLA is a technical filament with increased impact strength, exceeding some ABS materials whilst retaining the ease of printing using traditional PLA filaments. Ideal for creating demanding prints working in extreme conditions, while maintaining high detail.
Spool Size: 2.3kg

ABS Extrafill

The advantage of ABS Extrafill is that it can be used in 3D printers easily, for high quality of printing even in tricky details, plus excellent lamination of the printed object.
Spool Size: 2.5kg

Keep your big spools dry

the polybox can hold up to 3KG spools
or 2 regular spools