Large Spools

Large Spools

Why you should be using larger filament spools

Large prints often call for large spools; a big hefty 5kg spool can ensure your three day print can complete without worry and anxiety of needing to change out filament. If you own a large printer like the Flashforge Creator 3 Pro or other large format printers.  Often producing large scale prints, or perhaps printing a line of products, you may wishto invest into large spools. Large printers often have large nozzles (0.8mm or larger) meaning filament is consumed much quicker, therefore large spools are highly recommended for these machines. Opting for large spools can reduce cost and save money – With rapidly increasing energy prices, organizing your projects and buying big spools in bulk could help keep your hobby or business stay within budget.   

You can see our full range of large spools here. It is worth noting that filament lengths and weights vary from brand to brand. If you have a favorite brand or material, You may have trouble finding the perfect size spool your projects. For example, Azurefilm do a wide range of materials and colours, but only offer 5kg and 10kg spools in black and white. Fiberlogy’s easy PLA comes in a range of colours in 1kg, and do offer them in 2.5kg and 4kg variants upon request by contacting them via email or on their website. Some manufacturers can create spools of your requested material and weight, although typically there is a minimum order quantity for this process.

When planning your large scale projects, it can be difficult working out which size spool to go for. Typically slicing software will show you how many meters of filament a project will use, whereas spools will typically be listed showing only their weight and not length. This problem is compounded by 1.75mm and 2.85mm having different lengths per gram, and some materials weigh more or less than others. For this scenario, this online calculator may be quite useful.

Two major cons when using large spools – Size and space. A large spool means you need to have the space for it, you need a large roller to ensure it can feed into your printer without snagging and getting stuck. It’s easy to keep small 1kg spools dry and safe from moisture by storing it in a resealable bag with silica gel when not in use.  Some people simply use plastic cereal boxes or kitchen zip bags. With large spools you may have to get creative, using a large refuse bag with desiccant inside may be the easiest and most cost-effective solution. Another budget option would be to invest in some large mylar bags, or air-tight plastic storage tubs and containers, typically used for food storage. You could also opt for a product such as the Polybox to ensure your spool doesn’t weaken from moisture.  We had one of our valued customers say they store their spools in a plastic box with an airtight lid filled with rice to absorb moisture!

Talking about keeping your filaments dry when not in use, we have a handy gadget from eSUN that will do just that for 1Kg or less sized spools.  eSUN Vacuum Kit.

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