Matter and Form Production Update

3D Desktop scanner

1 day ago

It’s been a year and a half building Matter and Form, and I still feel strongly about being honest and upfront to everyone we meet.. However, it’s been at times uniquely frustrating, when all you want to do is tell people what they want to hear… but you just can’t. Recently, we’ve been dying to tell everyone about when were shipping the scanner, but just didn’t have all the information to guarantee you a date. Also unfortunately, some of the companies we’re dealing with have promised things to us because they thought it was what we wanted to hear.

This being said, we now have the information to share. We’ve posted an update to the timeline, which has us shipping the scanner from Hong Kong at the beginning of July. We have been told by our production liaison company (Cortex Design) that there was a setback with the Circuit boards, and (yet again) production will be held back another 3 weeks. However, I can’t in good conscience allow another delay to affect all the people who have supported us so strongly. So we will be paying the extra money to expedite the shipping of the scanners from Hong Kong to North America. Rather than shipping the units by boat, we will be shipping them by air, at nearly three times the cost (no additional cost to you though).

I realize that everyone’s been more than patient with us, and I can only thank you for that. I also realize that this can be frustrating for everyone, and want to let you know that we’re right there with you.

We also want to extend a special thanks to our beta testers, the roughly 45 people who have given us so much of their time and insight. The dedication they’ve given towards helping us is amazing, and we’ve received a lot of feedback on everything from the components to the packaging to the software.

We’re working diligently, and we’ll do our best to keep you up to date as things progress with production and the beta testing. I’d also like to invite you to watch our blog at Please, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us.

1 month ago


We’ve had a lot of requests for an update on the status of the beta scanners so here it is! The good news is that we’ve received confirmation from our shipper that the scanners have been picked up from the factory and are now making their journey to us. And they’re not taking the slow boat from China. Oh no. These units are being flown in. When they arrive at our studio in Toronto on Monday, they’ll join the 10 units we have in-house and we’ll update the firmware on each unit, add a simple manual and the calibration card to each box and then send them out the door to our beta testers.

We were told originally that the bulk of the beta scanners were going to reach us earlier and we had planned to get the scanners out to testers this week. Obviously, that didn’t happen. We’re a little behind due to these factory and shipping delays which means our timeline is a little off now but it shouldn’t grossly affect the overall timeline since we had some buffer built into it.

We’re looking forward to posting some pictures of the scanners when they arrive and then… sharing some of the scans from our beta testers!