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Morpher Update

morpher (1426 x 1069)

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while coming but this week I’ve finally had some really good news from China: Our latest helmets have passed all of the impact tests done so far at the factory & by the end of next week we should have had the full range of tests done. If they pass then we’ll send them off for external certification. This could take up to 60 days & during this time we’ll build some more production tooling so that once we have certification we can begin manufacture without further delays.

This is great news because it means that we’ll soon be able to start producing and shipping helmets – I’m reluctant to put a date on all of this (especially because of past experience, & I don’t want to let anyone down) but hopefully delivery shouldn’t be too many months away now.

Another great bit of news is that Indiegogo invited us onto a new pilot programme which will allow us to extend our campaign, indefinitely. This programme is only available to invited campaigns & I am delighted that we made the grade. I took up their offer & a few hours ago the campaign went live again. Of course, the prices & new offers are still great but don’t worry as they are not as low as they were in the initial campaign where you were all good enough to back Morpher.

Day to day, apart from attending to production needs, I’ve been looking at ways to raise more funding. We obviously didn’t anticipate all of these delays & so we have been running on dry for some time now. I haven’t drawn a salary at all & as I am sure you can imagine it’s made life pretty tough. This Indiegogo extension is therefore going to be a huge help for the company and thus for us all. Please let everyone in your networks know about this so that they can get involved too.

As you know, we are pretty much a year behind where we should be. Why? Well, because there were mistakes made with the first set of tooling & a long time was spent trying to put that right before the factory finally agreed to start again and retool from scratch. With the pioneering complexity of what we are doing it’s been a long & difficult learning curve for us all. I am pleased that the end now finally appears to be in sight.

I think that you all know that I am how sorry I am about the effect that these delays have had on us all.

In the next few weeks, expect to see some new graphic designs & colours for the helmet for which I will be asking you to vote. This will help us to decide upon the final look of the 1st production run.

Thanks and regards

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