Morpher Update


Hi Morphettes

I’m delighted that I can make this another very positive update.

I have just returned from a visit to the Taipei bicycle show & the factory in China. At the show Morpher was received excellently. I also met some of you & was able to be able to show fully working molded helmets in action.

For 4 weeks at the factory I was working to ensure that the move towards production was continuing as promised. When I’m there stuff happens… as soon as I leave, it slows as we are no longer the top priority for them. It seems that my presence, daily, in the factory keeps them far more focused. So it seems likely that I’ll be going out there again in early May.

Production is still scheduled for May. Thankfully, this hasn’t slipped for the past 5 months.

As you know, we have passed CE EN1078 testing criteria, internally, at the factory. Helmets that pass this test are certified for use anywhere in the world except for the USA & Australia.

They carry out these tests on around a dozen helmets. Some are baked to a high temperature, some frozen & some soaked overnight. They all have to pass each individual test without a single failure otherwise the WHOLE test fails.

More than 55% of you are from the US & want helmets there, so obviously, apart from the fact that the US is currently the largest single helmet market in the world, I am keen to pass CPSC.

We made some slight changes to the butterfly & other areas & prepared another dozen helmets for internal CPSC (American) testing at the factory. This involves higher speed impacts & also the use of a third, hemispherical anvil.

I am over the moon to be able to tell you that we PASSED internal testing for CPSC at the factory so we are now going for external independent certification on CE EN1078 and CPSC: fingers crossed!

This is great news for all of our US contributors because you may be getting your helmets far sooner than I had envisaged. Watch this space. I’ll update you as soon as I hear anything more how the external certification process has gone.

Finally, I’ll be sending a survey in the next few days with proposals for the colours of the first helmet that we produce. The more of you that vote on this, the better. It’ll come as a link & the voting process should be very quick indeed.

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