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Morpher Update

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1 day ago

Greetings Morphettes

I have four great bits of news to impart today…

1  Morpher just won the GOLD Edison Innovation award in the USA. This is another incredible accolade for us. I’ll tell you all much more about this in a future update as soon as we have photos/logos etc. I am so proud of this achievement.

2  The factory is still on schedule to start production in May. I am so pleased that they are still promising that they’ll make this deadline. As one of our contributors you will of course be getting your helmet(s) as soon as we can get them shipped but I must just offer a word of caution about roll out: Firstly, we won’t actually press the “start” button until we have received independent safety certification from SGS. It would be foolhardy to do so. We should, however, have this before the end of May so don’t worry, just please bear it in mind. Secondly, production will be really slow at first, as the production team “beds in” and learns to operate the tooling to its maximum efficiency. It’s not all going to all happen on day one, it will take at least month or two to get our Indiegogo order satisfied. Finally, the Morphers will be in China whereas you are scattered around the globe, so it will take some time, physically, for your helmets to begin to arrive.

3  Please click HERE and take the Morpher initial helmet colour survey. It is simpler than falling off a log. There are 17 pictures to look at and then just one question to answer. Yes, you read right, just ONE. (There is also a comments box but this is optional.) There is no need to register, so, look at the images and vote for your favourite one. The survey is to decide upon the colour of the first helmet we send to you so please get involved and do it. I’ll obviously announce the results to you as soon as I have them.

4  Certification. We are now going for US CPSC certification as well as CE (rest of world apart from Australia) certification. We obviously can’t and won’t ship helmets to you until we have this. The CE will be with us first and so our non-US contributors will receive helmets first. As soon as we have the US certification (and hopefully that won’t be far behind) we’ll ship to the US too.

That’s it for now but I’ll be back soon with the survey results and hopefully some very interesting corporate news about Morpher too.

I’m off to the factory again in early May to make sure that we keep to our schedule.

Thanks SO MUCH for all of your continuing good will and support.

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