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Here’s an update from Adam Brandejs for you about ‘Photon 3D Scanner’:

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The most exciting moment of this entire project, other the first scan we made almost a year ago, was seeing our backers print some of our scans. That made it real for us.

To be able to sculpt something here in Toronto, and use some form of futuristic witchcraft fax machine is truly amazing. Think about it; scan in an object and have it printed anywhere in the world within hours (or minutes in the case of the Action log file).

That makes things exciting, but also shows where this technology is headed. We’re about to enter interesting an exciting times. We’re no longer as bound to shipping physical objects and wait times, which is great for everyone, and the environment when you consider the impact shipping an object has. Fuel for the boat, gas for the trucks, electricity for the warehouse space, sorting machines, and entire infrastructures. As home 3D scanning and 3D printers get better, we’re going to see an interesting world unfold.

You can check out the gallery here to see photos of user prints, and scans. We’ve tried to include all the photos sent. If you’re not there or haven’t sent us a photo, please do! We’d love to include you.

-Adam & Drew