The Photon 3D scanner -Christmas update


We were hoping that the scanner would be here for Christmas 2013, however this is not the case.  Have no fear though this is definitely something worth waiting for in 2014.

News from the Guys…

First run parts are back from painting so we thought we’d post some teaser shots. Mean, horrible teaser shots.
The other shots were a little hard to see as everything was just blackish grey so maybe this will shed a little more light on all the parts that go into our scanner. There are a lot seeing as the head moves up and down and the bed folds up, but it’s worth it to have a machine that’s compact and can grab objects from multiple angles.

Just to yet again stress, final units will not require paint, they will be pure white or black plastic. We’re just posting shots of the units we made to test the molds before ramping up to produce thousands of 3D Scanners. You really don’t want to discover a mistake after you’ve made that many.