The rePLAy filament is the innovation of Mitsubishi Chemicals. A 3D printing filament manufacturer which produces more than 100 tonnes of filament per month and is increasing month on month. It is inevitable that waste is created, sometimes from failed extrusions, half-filled spools, first batch testing spools etc. Mitsubishi Chemical follows the Kaiteki philosophy diligently, which strives to ensure that all business is sustainable, technically innovative and economical. To this end, they have created the >97% PLA recycled filament. The PLA colours are slightly less bright than our regular PLA filament from Mitsubishi Chemicals. Though rest assured the quality is as you would expect from a world-renowned manufacturer of 3D Printing materials. The filament also comes spooled on a recycled cardboard spool, shrink wrapped, boxed and shrinkwrapped again. To ensure it arrives with you in perfect printing condition.