1.75mm PVA-S 500gms by Dutch Filaments

1.75mm PVA-S 500gms by Dutch Filaments

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PVA-S is a specially developed water soluble solution for dual extrusion when you need to print with styrene based materials.
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PVA-S is a specially developed water soluble solution for dual extrusion when you need to print with styrene based materials. PVA-S has an excellent adherence to ABS, ABS-X, ASA-X, PETG and TPU98A. PVA-S dissolves slightly slower than regular PVA and it is advised to dissolve in luke-warm water, preferably in circulated water. PVA-S can handle higher nozzle temperatures (<250°C) without the risk of cross linking and clogging the nozzle and is therefore perfect for printing with styrene based or materials which typically print at higher temperatures.

PVA-S features:

  • Great adhesion to styrene based materials
  • Stable at higher nozzle temperatures <250c
  • Dissolves better in luke warm water
  • Biodegradable once dissolved in water
  • Performs in heated environments up to 55-60 °C

Sizeø toleranceRoundness
1,75mmø 0,05mm95%
2,85mmø 0,10mm95%


PVA-S Physical Properties:


Test method

Typical value

Specific gravity

ISO 1183


MFI 190°C / 2,16kg

ISO 1133

58g/10 min*

PVA-S Thermal Properties:



Typical value

Printing temp.


240 – 250°C based on speed




A Water-soluble material used for supports in 3D printing.

PVA is typically only used as a supporting filament in printers with dual extruders. The machine can be loaded with PVA and another filament such as PLA; The object will be printed with PLA and the supports will use PVA, The finished print can then be placed into a body of water to dissolve all of the supports almost instantaneously. 

Due to being designed to work as a supporting material, PVA filaments typically aren’t suited to performing other roles due to their soluble nature. It can be used for prototypes and testing designs, But should not be used for parts with long-term usage.

Some PVA filaments have additives that make them better at supporting certain materials. PVA-M has great adhesion to PLA, and ABS. PVA-S can handle higher temperatures and adheres very well to ABS-X,  ASA-X, PET-G, and some TPU filaments. 






Very Easy



Recommended Settings

Print Temp

190°C – 210°C

Temp may vary on brand

Bed Temp


Temp may vary on brand

Print Surface

No Heated Bed Required
No Enclosure Required

Example Prints

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Filament Brand

3D FilaPrint

Filament Colour


Filament Diameter


Filament Type


Filament Weight


Filament Weight


Filament Range

FilaPrint PVA


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