3D Skulpt Black 2.85mm

3D Skulpt Black 2.85mm

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Original price was: £21.00.Current price is: £10.50. £8.75 ex. VAT

Skulpt is a temperature sensitive material that behaves like clay, but with the advantage that it can be adjusted for improving your creation.

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Print & Skulpt

A very interesting 3D printing filament!

Have you sometimes created a 3D print were a couple of blemishes appeared on the model and you wished that you could hide it or cover it up?  What about creating a blank canvas of a print and them molding/sculpting it with some specific features that you have been unable to source on a 3D model?

Well now is your opportunity to do that and more with the Thibra 3D Skulpt filament. 


Skulpt@Thibra3D is a unique filament that allows the user to make adjustments or changes on 3D prints after the printing process. A revolutionary filament for industrial designers, prototyping, artists, architects, prop makers or anyone who wants to make complete, clean and extremely smooth creations with their 3D printer. No more printing lines or fringes in the surface of your print. Skulpt is a temperature sensitive material that behaves like clay, but with the advantage that it can be adjusted for improving your creation. With other filaments, you will be forced to start all over again in case of minor printing flaws. Skulpt saves material, time and frustration. Just add some heat and you make your adjustments. Skulpt is the ideal material for every stage of your project!

175mm prints around 190c-210c.  You can then reheat it to around 70c to sculpt or reshape it.  Remember not too thin walls, especially if the model is hollow, as it may cave in on itself when warmed.

  • Get rid of print lines, blobs and zits by smoothing the object, with some heat and water
  • Light, strong, and self-supporting at all sizes – sculpt without an armature
  • Infinitely changeable. Adjust, carve, cut and add material to your creation after its 3D printed!
  • Low working temperature – 70 degrees Celsius is ideal for modeling
  • It comes in cool colors lending extreme clarity to forms and shadows
  • Easy to paint. Just degrease with soap and lukewarm water and go
  • Reusable – never dries out or cracks
  • Use an alcohol lamp, hot water or a heat gun to warm specific areas of your 3D print
  • Easily processable for the best details
  • Hard surface, polishable and easy to paint


Additional info:

  • Skulpt softens at elevated temperatures. It is advised not to print at a high ambient temperature.
  • Minimal layer times should be taken into account to cool the material sufficiently.
  • Skulpt will print on glass and adheres well to a variety of print stickers and other bed adhesives.
  • Skulpt can be used on most common desktop FDM or FFF technology 3D printers.
  • For more extensive information about how to work with SKULPT please check out www.thibra3d.com


Cool and dry (15-25C) and away from UV light. This enhances the shelf life significantly.



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