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3DFilaPrint Flexible Clear Resin for 3D Resin Printers 1kg

3DFilaPrint Flexible Clear Resin for 3D Resin Printers 1kg

£67.20 £56.00 ex. VAT

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£67.20 £56.00 ex. VAT

Flexible resin. A resin that works in the majority of DLP and LCD 3D Desktop resin printers.

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We are pleased to offer you a flexible resin.  Now you can create super high detail projects and increase the types of prints that you can offer.

Suitable for use with DLP and LCD resin printers

Flexible resin has soft properties which allows you to bend or compress the printed models.

  • Elongation at break98.149% ±10%
  • Linear shrinkage:1.05-1.35%
  • Hardness(Shore A):76-82 A
  • Tensile strength3.423 MPa ±10%
  • Tensile modulus:3.628 MPa ±10%

Recommended settings:  Please note these are offered as guidelines, you may already be familiar with your own printer and general print settings.

  • LCD RGB: Bottom exposure time – 3-100s : Layer exposure time 4-16s
  • LCD Monochrome: Bottom exposure time – 3-70s : Layer exposure time 4-8s
  • DLP 3D Printer: Bottom exposure time – 0-30s : Layer exposure time 2-6s



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