Fillamentum ABS Extrafill Luminous Orange 1.75MM 3D Printer Filament

Fillamentum ABS Extrafill Luminous Orange 1.75MM 3D Printer Filament

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ABS filament is a polymer which is ideal for the production of the first functional samples before serial production for functional prototyping.

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Fillamentum ABS Extrafill is a material for the FFF (also known as FDM) 3D printing technology.

The advantage of this material is that it can be used in 3D printers easily, for high quality of printing even in tricky details, plus excellent lamination of the printed object.

ABS filament is a polymer which is ideal for the production of the first functional samples before serial production for functional prototyping, manufacturing tools, but also for the production of goods for everyday use.

Use of the ABS material in the food industry is dependent on the final product and responsibility for use is on the user of ABS Extrafill. ABS is not intended for medical applications.

Fillamentum guarantees high precision of filament dimensions within the tolerance of +/- 0,05 mm, which is strictly controlled throughout the production.

Printing filaments reported on the market under the trademark Fillamentum are produced in a wide variety of colours in accordance with the colour charts RAL and Pantone, and also in own unique colour ranges.

Diameter tolerance:+/- 0,05 mm
Working temperature:220 – 240 °C
Hot pad:80 – 100 °C
Weight:750 g of filament (+ 250 g spool)



Strong and robust. Heat and chemical resilient. An Inexpensive choice for engineering-grade prints.

ABS has solid mechanical properties in the form of heat and impact resistance. Its high durability makes it perfect for printing moving and weight-bearing parts. ABS is shatter resistant; when pushed to its limit parts will bend or warp instead of snapping or shattering. ABS has decent chemical sustainability, making it resilient to sunlight, moisture, acids, and oils. Long exposure to sunlight may cause prints to degrade, making ASA a better choice for outdoor prints.

ABS is quite a common material making it relatively inexpensive whilst also being built to last in tough environments. The main detriment is that it can be quite difficult to print with, and can require printer tuning to get the perfect print.
Printed parts can be polished with acetone, giving them a smooth and glossy finish and hiding layer lines. When printing with this material, it is possible that toxic fumes are produced. This can be circumvented by printing In a well-ventilated area or using an extractor.

Used for: Injection molding, LEGO, electronic casings, automotive parts.









Recommended Settings

Print Temp

220°C – 270°C

Cooling Fan Off

Temp may vary on brand

Bed Temp

80°C – 110°C

Temp may vary on brand

Print Surface

Heated Bed Required
Enclosure Required

Example Prints

Additional information

Weight0.75 kg
Filament Colour


Filament Diameter


Filament Weight


Pantone Colour

P1788 2x

RAL Colour


Filament Weight


Filament Type


Filament Brand


Filament Range

Fillmentum ABS Extrafill

1 review for Fillamentum ABS Extrafill Luminous Orange 1.75MM 3D Printer Filament

  1. 4 out of 5

    Trevor Day – Enterprise XD Design

    Excellent… with some minor niggles

    I don’t use a lot of orange, but when the roll I’d had forever ran out I needed to find a new one. Since one of my products is a Tron coaster, which I kind of like to glow under UV, I wanted to find an orange which is fluorescent. This was the first I spotted so I thought ‘okay, you’ll do’. Like most Fillamentum filament it’s easy to use, prints at a decently low temp and looks great. It has a nice shiny finish and is an absolutely EYE-SCORCHING orange. Think high-viz jacket orange and you’re pretty much there. I did find a few minor niggles (which, to be honest, are probably just caused by me still learning). Firstly if you’re printing something large, and using a raft, it has a tendency to peel off the raft during a long printing time. I tried solving this by reducing the first layer height to about 0.16-0.17mm and so far it’s been pretty good. It also has a higher rate of delamination than other ABS I’ve used. I’ve tried turning down the fan speed and it’s kind of solved it, but it still tends to crack somewhat. There’s one really annoying problem I’ve had with a couple of Fillamentum filaments; when the reel is full it has an annoying tendency to jump off the reel and knot itself around the hanger on the printer. I had it happen a couple of times with the orange and once with the sky blue, so I’m not sure if I’m not keeping the reel tight enough or they’re using a reel which has walls which aren’t large enough to keep the roll wound. Even with these little niggles (which, as I said, might just be my fault anyway) it’s still a great filament and I do recommend giving it a go if you really want your retinas seared by just how damned ORANGE it is!

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