Fillamentum ASA Extrafill Anthracite Grey 1.75mm 3D FilaPrint Filament

Fillamentum ASA Extrafill Anthracite Grey 1.75mm 3D FilaPrint Filament

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£26.42 £22.02 ex. VAT

ASA has a rigidity higher than ABS, low levels of yellowing, perfect for outdoor use. Excellent colour stability.

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ASA 3D Printer Filament is a polymer ideal for the production of the first functional samples before serial production for functional prototyping, manufacturing tools, but also for the production of goods for everyday usage including outdoor applications. The advantage of this material is its excellent weather resistance, retention of physical features; eg. ASA has a rigidity higher than ABS and thus is suitable material for demanding applications. ASA material has low levels of yellowing, which is very important for applications where long-term emphasis is placed on appearance. Another advantage is its good dimensional stability. Fillamentum does not take any responsibility for the usage of Extrafill ASA by the processor.
Diameter tolerance:+/- 0,05 mm
Working temperature:250 – 255 °C
Hot pad:80 – 100 °C
Weight:750 g of filament (+ 250 g spool)





Strong and UV Resistant. An outdoor alternative to ABS.

 ASA has the same solid properties of ABS having high strength and being quite durable, With the exception that it will not become discolored or lose its form from sunlight exposure. 

Printing can be difficult and printer tuning may be needed to prevent prints from warping. When printing with this material, it is possible that toxic fumes are produced. This can be circumvented by printing In a well-ventilated area or using an extractor.

Used for: Outdoor applications, Electrical Fittings, Interior car parts.









Recommended Settings

Print Temp

220°C -255°C

Cooling Fan On, Low Speed

Temp may vary on brand

Bed Temp

80°C -100°C

Temp may vary on brand

Print Surface

Heated Bed Required
Enclosure Recommended

Example Prints

Additional information

Weight0.75 kg
Dimensions210 × 210 × 75 mm
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Filament Weight


Filament Range

Fillamentum ASA Extrafill

1 review for Fillamentum ASA Extrafill Anthracite Grey 1.75mm 3D FilaPrint Filament

  1. 5 out of 5

    Dimitri Antonov

    Good enough for engineering prints

    Got virtually no adhesion at 240/90 with 3d glue, but worked well then after some additional leveling and temperature increase to 250/100. The result is surprisingly flexible when up to 5-6 perimeters thick. Solid prints feel to be more tactilely viscous comparing to ABS, PLA, PETG, hope it’ll help them be less brittle at impacts. Overall print quality and appearance is 6/10 because of hairs and dirt that build up on the nozzle while printing. Although, it might be my printer’s problem because of relatively long bowden tube and stock nozzle. The prints are easy to clean with a knife.

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