BCN3D Smart Cabinet

BCN3D Smart Cabinet

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A vital addition to the Epsilon ecosystem, ensures flawless synchronization with your BCN3D Epsilon printers, ultimately optimizing their operational efficiency. This intelligent cabinet excels at maintaining ideal filament humidity, which in turn enhances your printers’ output quality by safeguarding the condition of your materials. Furthermore, it boasts an uninterruptible power supply, ensuring uninterrupted protection for your ongoing projects, eliminating any potential print job disruption resulting from power outages.

Compatible with:

  • Epsilon W50
  • Epsilon W27
  • Sigma D25


Safeguard your equipment and your projects from power interruptions with the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). When faced with a blackout lasting up to 10 minutes, this technology allows your 3D printer to automatically restart the printing process once power is restored. In situations where the outage is prolonged, the UPS stores the printer's last position, granting you the flexibility to manually resume the printing process whenever you choose.

Fit them all

Based on your selected configuration, the dehumidifier can accommodate either up to 10 small spools (with a maximum width of 55mm), 4 large spools (weighing up to 2.5kg each), or 6 BCN3D Spool Cartridges, or a versatile combination of these options! This flexibility allows you to organize your filaments according to your specific requirements, reducing the frequency of loading and unloading processes for added convenience.


Experience a comprehensive 3D printing solution with the Smart Cabinet. This seamlessly integrated system harmonizes with your 3D printers, materials, and software, enhancing your workflow. It simplifies the process with the swift and hassle-free loading of up to ten filament spools, and its mobility is a breeze thanks to its wheeled structure, allowing effortless transportation within your facilities.


Leveraging cutting-edge drying technology, the controlled humidity environment has been meticulously crafted to prolong the durability of your materials. This safeguarding of the filament effectively minimizes print failures caused by moisture, resulting in a substantial enhancement of your print quality.

Cabinet Features

  • Optimal for all materials
    Low Energy consumption: 12 W Avg / 100 W Max
  • 10 storage slots for small filament spools (4 for big spools)
    Prints while in dry storage
  • Humidity-controlled environment, dries without heat
  • No consumable parts

Smart Drying

The Smart Drying Technology operates within a controlled humidity environment. It features an automated drying cycle that directs air through a compartment filled with alumina, a moisture-absorbing material. This desiccated air is then recirculated into the material compartment, entirely devoid of any moisture that could potentially harm your filaments. This cycle leads to a substantial reduction in the environment’s relative humidity.

By employing this innovative technology, the cabinet successfully keep the filament in a dry state, ensuring that your materials retain their mechanical properties throughout the entirety of the 3D printing process.

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