Creatbot D1000 Printer

Creatbot D1000 Printer

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£31,999.00 £26,665.83 ex. VAT

The D1000, an upgrade from the F1000 model, offers a build volume exceeding 1000*1000*1000mm, making it ideal for producing large, full-sized parts, prototypes, tools, moulds, and jigs & fixtures in-house.

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CreatBot D1000

The D1000, an upgrade from the F1000 model, boasts a build volume exceeding 1000*1000*1000mm, making it ideal for producing large, full-sized parts, prototypes, tools, molds, jigs, and fixtures in-house. Within days, you can have a fully functional, high-quality prototype. CreatBot offers big rolls of filament in PLA, ABS, ASA, PA-CF, etc., ensuring uninterrupted printing for your large models. Manufactured to the highest standards, every feature guarantees precision and reliability, ensuring error-free parts every time.

Nozzle Temperature Up To 420 ℃

The D1000 is equipped with 4th generation 1.75mm dual extruders and hotends. The left extruder features a 260°C hotend, enabling printing with a wide range of materials including PLA, ABS, PC, Nylon, Carbon fiber, and Flexible filaments. On the other hand, the right extruder boasts a 420°C hotend made of martensite steel, ideal for high-performance materials. The dual hotend is replaceable, offering expanded possibilities for your applications.

Outage Restore & Filament Detection

The printer automatically memorizes the current position and saves print data in the event of a sudden power outage. It lowers the platform and retracts filament, ensuring a seamless resumption of printing from the exact point where it stopped when power is restored. No traces of interruption are left behind!

Linear Rail and Servo motors

When the length exceeds 1000mm, smaller rails often experience significant deflection. However, the D1000’s precise linear rail structure is notably thick and robust. It maintains its shape and precision even after enduring millions of shocks from the print head.

Hot Chamber & Filament Dryer

The 60°C hot chamber guarantees high print quality, especially for high-performance materials. Its fully enclosed design effectively blocks all external interference while also reducing noise. Additionally, the consistent temperature provided by the chamber ensures that models remain free from deformation during printing.

Auto Levelling Platform

By utilizing 100 points via the high-precision servo probe, it captures and saves data on the flatness of the platform at the outset. During printing, our Z-axis intelligent compensation system adjusts the table height automatically, leveraging this data to achieve seamless, fully automatic levelling throughout the process.

HEPA Air Filter

The air filter system efficiently adsorbs impurities and gases emitted during the printing of special filaments such as ABS, Nylon, and PC. This enhances safety and environmental protection, making it particularly suitable for use in household, school, and office environments.

Camera Control

The camera control technology enables customers to remotely manage the printing process, adjusting speed, pausing, temperature, and more through an app. This ensures the best printing quality in the shortest time possible, minimizing the risk of failure, especially for large models and long printing durations. It’s a highly valuable feature for optimizing printing outcomes and enhancing user convenience.


The whole-steel body not only guarantees stability during printing but also significantly prolongs the working life of the printer. The optimized overall structure ensures sustainable and efficient operation. The initial batch of CreatBot 3D printers with whole-steel bodies has been operational for over 9 years, accumulating more than 30,000 hours of printing time.

Technical Specification

Print TechnologyFused Deposition Modeling
Build VolumeSingle Extrusion: 1000*1000*1000 mm
Dual Extrusion: 940*1000*1000 mm
Number of NozzlesAuto-rising dual extruders
Layer Resolution0.05 mm
Filament Diameter1.75 mm
Filament CompatibilityABS,PLA,Carbon Fiber,PETG,Nylon,PC,etc.
Nozzle Diameter1.0 mm(0.4~1.5 mm optional)
Print File TypeSTL, OBJ, AMF, Gcode
Best Printing speed60 mm/s
Max. Printing speed120 mm/s
Power Requirements220~240 V, 50~60 Hz
Screen9.7-inch full color touch screen independent operating system (multi-language)
Rated PowerPrinter: 4000W, Chamber: 4500W
Storage MediaU Disk
Size & Weight
Product Dimensions & Weight1810*1350*1942mm 650kg
Packing Size & Weight1980×1520×2200mm 750kg
SoftwareCreatWare, Simplify 3D, Cura, Slic3r, etc
Supported File TypesSTL,OBJ,Gcode,AMF
Operating SystemsWindowsall, macOS
Max. Nozzle Temperature420 ℃
Max. Bed Temperature100 ℃
Hot Chamber Temperature60 ℃
Filament Dry Room Temperature45 ℃/65 ℃
ConstructionPower-Coated Steel, Aluminum Casting for Motion Components, POM
Build PlateAviation aluminum plates
Build Plate LevelingAutomatic
ExtruderSmart Dual Extruders
Stepper Motors1.8° Step Angle with 1/16 Micro-stepping
X Y Positioning Precision0.011 mm
Z Positioning Precision0.0025 mm
Special Function
Outage RestoredSave data when power is off
Filament DetectionPause printing when filament run out
Automatic Shut-downTurn off the power automatically when printing is complete
Camera controlCamera remote monitoring and real-time control of the printing process

Additional information

Weight125 kg
Dimensions915 × 845 × 1085 mm


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