DimaFix® 3D Printing adhesive

DimaFix® 3D Printing adhesive

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DimaFix® 3D Printer platform adhesion spray.

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3D Printer Platform adhesion spray.


A light spraying of DimaFix® on your 3D printer platform will work wonders for your prints, especially ABS or high temperature filaments, if you are having trouble to get large prints to stick!

Yes you can use ABS slurry (a liquid mix of abs filament and acetone) or Kapton tape for your ABS prints, though you don’t have too with DimaFix®.  Heat your platform above 60c add a very light single coat spray of DimaFix®, print with your normal ABS print settings and your 3D print will stick.  Once printed let your build place cool below 60c and the DimaFix® will become inactive and your part can be easily removed.

Also works with other 3D printing filaments, including PLA based plastics.  DimaFix® is water soluble and over time you may have a build up of DimaFix® on your printer platform from continuous applications, not to worry all you have to do is wipe it off with a clean damp cloth, then start 3D printing again from a clean build plate.

Don’t spray too much in one go, you only need a light dusting – between prints!


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