eSUN Castable Resin for Jewelry Green 405nm 1000gms

eSUN Castable Resin for Jewelry Green 405nm 1000gms

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£151.20 £126.00 ex. VAT

eSUN Green High Detail Castable Resin for LCD 405nm printers, perfect for Jewelry making and lost wax creations

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eSUN Castable Resin for Jewelry 1kg-Green Specifically designed for LCD/LED light source to achieve better printing quality.Compatible with most LCD printers using 405nm wavelength light.  Castable resin for jewelry has a high wax content. Casting temperature is between 730-780 Celsius.

This eSUN Castable eResin for Jewelry is quite unique compared to many other 3D Resins on the market, and is specially made to disintegrate into nothing when burnt, leaving no ash or leftover chemicals. This makes it ideal for lost-wax casting, and caters to the ever-common needs of jewelry Makers who need to create scale-perfect models of rings and other accessories – made to exact size to fit precious gemstones and other decorative extras.

What makes this jewelry resin such a specialised polymer for jewellers is that it has been specially made to offer low shrinkage compared to other 3D Resins, while also offering a low level of hardness. And while this may not seem like an advantage at first thought, the low hardness rating means that this resin, once printed, can be ground down and chiselled away with relative ease, and without parts snapping off unexpectedly. As such, this castable resin for jewelry can not only be post-processed easily once printed, but also reduces to absolutely nothing when burnt out of a lost-wax mould, making it one the best and most affordable solutions currently available to jewellers and hobbyists.

  • Curing Wavelength

395 to 405nm

  • Viscosity (mPa-s @ 25?C)

100 to 150

  • Density (g/cm3)

1.07 to 1.12

  • Expected Shrinkage (%)

1.88 to 2.45

  • Flexural Strength (MPa)

49 to 58

  • Flexural Modulus (MPa)

1.19 to 2.13

  • Tensile Strength (MPa)

42 to 46

  • Elongation at Break (%)

11 to 20

  • Hardness (Shore D)


  • Ideal Storage Temperature (?C)

15 to 35


  1. High precision
  2. Smooth surface
  3. Casting easily and 100% no ash
  4. Low volume shrinkage property
  5. Low odour
  6. No crack after curing
  7. Compatible with most LCD/DLP printers

How to Use:

  • 1) Shake well before use, prohibiting the use of resin in places where there is a lot of sunlight.
  • 2) Wear gloves before use to avoid direct contact with the skin and keep the room ventilated.
  • 3) Inadvertent contact, as soon as possible to use a lot of water rinse. If you feel unwell, seek timely medical attention.
  • 4) Once the model is complete, please wash it with high 95% degree or higher ethanol alcohol for 30 seconds at least.
  • 5) Do not pour the resin in the resin vat into the unused resin, do not leave the resin in the resin vat for a long time without use to avoid resin pollution affect the printing effect.

How to Store your resin:

  • 1) Keep away from light seals at room temperature. (Sunshine contains a lot of UV light, will solidify photosensitive resin.)
  • 2) It is recommended to store the resin under 15C -35 in a sealed container. Avoid any dusty or moist environment.
  • 3) The resin is stable under different climatic conditions and is also easy to store, overcoming the shortcomings of other resins easily damp softening and environmental corrosion.

Safe Packaging:

  • Thickened aluminium bottle completely protected from light. Leak-proof bottle fully wrapped with a plastic bubble bag to make sure the resin stays in place where they belong.



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