eSUN ESTARS PLA Galaxy Black 1.75mm 1Kg 3D Printing filament

eSUN ESTARS PLA Galaxy Black 1.75mm 1Kg 3D Printing filament

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£23.50 £28.20 inc. VAT

A quality PLA from the manufacturer eSUN. PLA + is tougher and less brittle than regular PLA, with, as expected, no warping or delamination issues. Available in a wide range of colours at an affordable price,

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3DEVO Filament Maker is the perfect tool for all your 3D printing needs! With its multi-zone design, up to 450°C temperatures, and automated control system, this professional-grade filament maker can process a wide range of materials from 0.5 to 3mm in diameter. Its swappable and nitride-hardened extruder screw ensures an industrial-grade lifespan and its material mixing section offers the flexibility you need for precision printing. Download the latest firmware updates to keep it running smoothly and access real-time extrusion data analysis for ultimate control and accuracy. Get ready to take your 3D printing


With temperatures up to 450°C, our Filament Makers can process a wide range of materials

Diameter Range

0,5 – 3mm Ø with automated control system

Extruder Screw

Swappable and Nitride hardened for industrial grade lifespan

Material Pre-Sets

Choose from a wide range of ready-to-use material settings

Material Pre-Sets


Custom Materials

Add your own custom material profiles.

Custom Materials


Software Updates

Expand your material database with 3devo software updates

Software Updates




Heating System

Multi-zone design with up to 4 separate zones

Materials Mixing

Optionally equipped with material Mixing section


Regular firmware updates. Real-time extrusion data analysis.


Create exciting new composites with materials like glass or carbon fiber



Homogenous Blends

Use the Composer Series (with a built-in mixing section) for homogenous material blends

Homogenous Blends


Custom Colors

Incorporate colourants of your choice to design colourful filaments
Composer Series 450
ColorSilver powder coated aluminum
Temperature Peek Point350°C (Composer 350) / 450°C (Composer 450)
Heating Zones4 – Independent Controllable
Mixing ScrewMaterial mixing screw
Firmware UpdatesFree
Extrusion Data AnalysisReal-time
Presets - Standard MaterialsPLA, ABS, PS, PC
Standard Material TestedPETG, TPU, TPE, PPS, PVA, Bio PE, NEW PET and PA (6,12,66)
Material Mixing ScrewFor advanced compounding
Presets - Professional MaterialsPEEK (450 Series Only)
Professional Materials TestedPEKK, PAEK, PEI, PSU, PES (450 Series Only)
Material UpdatesPresets added regularly – New materials tested frequently (450 Series Only)
RPM Range2 – 15 rpm
Filament Diameter Range0.5 – 3 mm (0.02 – 0.12 inches)
Optical Sensor Accuracy43 microns (1.69 mils)
Nozzle ExtruderDiameter 4 mm (0.16 inches)
Height506 mm (19.2 inches)
Width448 mm (17.6 inches)
Depth216 mm (8.5 inches)
Hopper Volume2 liters
Net Weight24.5 kg (54 pounds)
Gross Weight27 kg (59.5 pounds)
Consumption (Avg.)300 – 400 W
Consumption Max.1300 W
Voltage110 – 230 V
Hertz50 – 60 Hz
Screw / Barrel AlloyHigh chromium and molybdenum steel alloy -Nitrided – 3 stage Compression



PLA is easy to print, at low cost. Non-toxic and Eco friendly. A perfect starting point for people new to 3D printing.

PLA is created from all-natural renewable resources, and under the correct conditions, is fully biodegradable. This material is typically used for prototypes or decorative prints; Due to the low temperatures and ease of use, features tend to print sharper and more detailed. Its non-toxic nature means that it can be printed for food and medical applications if done so from a sterile and sanitized environment. 
However, PLA prints are prone to snapping and breaking under pressure, and become damaged and discolored from high temperatures and prolonged exposure to sunlight or water. 

Used for: Design prototypes, Plastic Cups, Medical Implants, Food containers.






Very Easy



Recommended Settings

Print Temp

180°C -210°C

Cooling Fan on

Temp may vary on brand

Bed Temp

0°C – 45°C

Temp may vary on brand

Print Surface

No Heated Bed Required
No Enclosure Required

Example Prints

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Filament Brand


Filament Diameter


Filament Length

340~350 Metres

Filament spool weight


Filament Type


Filament Weight


Filament Range


Filament Colour



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