eSUN PLA-LW Light Weight Natural 1.75mm 3D Printing filament Sample

eSUN PLA-LW Light Weight Natural 1.75mm 3D Printing filament Sample

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The 3D Printing material for RC planes and Cosplay. Lightweight, robust and easy to print. eSUN PLA LW – Lightweight Natural PLA.

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eSUN PLA-LW will begin to foam at 210-270℃ printing temperature. Under maximum foam rate 122% (270℃), its volume increases by nearly 1.2 times. Minimum extrusion rate can reach 45% to print lightweight and low-density projects by active foaming technology.

When printing same volume model, 1 roll PLA-LW filament is equivalent to 2.2 rolls Ordinary PLA filament, the foaming volume ratio can reach 220%, saving 55% material. Foaming rate and strength can be controlled by adjusting printing temperature.

Specially Designed for Model Aircraft Enthusiasts. Light Weight. Low Density 0.54g/cm³. Lighter Wing Load. Lower Stall Speed. Better Model Aircraft Performance. Widely used in model airplanes, drones, COSPLAY and other fields.

Excellent surface effect, basically no layer texture; Good layer bonding, easy to repair; Easy to paint, strong adhesion of surface pigments. Minimum tolerance and low warping to ensure consistent feeding and stable prints, no clogging the nozzle or extruder.

Foaming rate is related to printing temperature, printing speed and nozzle melting cavity size, please compare model design wall thickness according to your printing situation, and adjust extrusion rate, temperature, speed and other printing parameters setting.


  1. Note that the first layer speed setting is consistent with the actual printing speed, set to 100% of the actual printing speed, turn off the first layer and small area printing speed reduction function, the first layer extrusion rate is consistent with the actual foaming extrusion rate, such as 270 degrees set to 45% of the first layer extrusion rate; if the bed adhesion is too strong, you can set the bottom valve when printing.
  2. Pay attention to the maximum operating temperature of the printer. Most Teflon tube printers cannot be operated for a long time above 250℃. Long-term printing above this temperature may cause blocking. If the temperature exceeds 250℃, high temperature printers such as metal hoses are required for printing.
  3. Yellowing of printed parts after high temperature foaming is a normal phenomenon. Lowering the printing temperature can relieve it.
  4. Since the ePLA-LW foams continuously in the melting cavity of the high-temperature nozzle, the retraction basically does not work. Stringing is normal during printing. It is recommended to print the rc plane in vase mode to reduce the effect of stringing.
  5. Foaming ratio is related to temperature, printing speed, nozzle melting cavity size, pay attention to compare model design wall thickness according to your own printing situation, adjust extrusion rate, temperature, speed and other parameters.




PLA is easy to print, at low cost. Non-toxic and Eco friendly. A perfect starting point for people new to 3D printing.

PLA is created from all-natural renewable resources, and under the correct conditions, is fully biodegradable. This material is typically used for prototypes or decorative prints; Due to the low temperatures and ease of use, features tend to print sharper and more detailed. Its non-toxic nature means that it can be printed for food and medical applications if done so from a sterile and sanitized environment. 
However, PLA prints are prone to snapping and breaking under pressure, and become damaged and discolored from high temperatures and prolonged exposure to sunlight or water. 

Used for: Design prototypes, Plastic Cups, Medical Implants, Food containers.






Very Easy



Recommended Settings

Print Temp

180°C -210°C

Cooling Fan on

Temp may vary on brand

Bed Temp

0°C – 45°C

Temp may vary on brand

Print Surface

No Heated Bed Required
No Enclosure Required

Example Prints

Additional information

Weight0.035 kg
Filament Brand


Filament Colour


Filament Diameter

1.75mm – 10 Meters

Filament Length

340~350 Metres

Filament spool weight


Filament Type



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