eVacuum Kit for FDM 3D Printing filament spools

eVacuum Kit for FDM 3D Printing filament spools


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A great device for helping to keep your 3D printing filaments dry and dust free. Comes complete with 10 resealable bags.

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A manually operated spool vacuumer complete with 10 resealable bags.


The 3D printing filament vacuum kit is a novel portable household vacuum device for vacuum storage of filaments, especially for some with high water absorption rate, such as PVA, ePA, ePA-CF, ePA-GF, ABSMAX, TPU-95A, etc. When your filaments are opened and not used up, in order to prevent them from absorbing water and affecting the print quality, you can use this kit to save your filaments. The vacuum kit can be used together with eBOX to achieve the best printing results for filaments.

The kit has passed BPA-FREE and FDA certification, food-grade materials, safe and environmentally friendly.


Air pump x1

Vacuum bag x10

Humidity indicator card x15

Size: 16.5×3.5×3.5cm

Weight: 50g

Material: ABS+ silicone

Air suction: 8L/min

Size: 30x34cm

Material: PA+PE, certified by BPA and FDA

Thickness: 0.085mm

Storage temperature: -20 to 85

Environmentally friendly cobalt-free humidity indicator card, indicating range 10%60%.

When the humidity in the environment around the humidity indicator card rises to a certain value, the corresponding indicator point on the indicator card will change from brown to light blue.

When the indicator point becomes gray (between brown and light blue), the value in the indicator point is the current ambient humidity.

Others: sealing clip x2, desiccant x15

Note: When the humidity reaches 50%, it is recommended to replace the desiccant.

Store in a dry, cool environment; avoid direct sunlight and water.

The humidity card can be reused after drying in an oven or hot air.

Product advantages:

1. The vacuum bag adopts double seal design, single-sided embossing treatment, good sealing performance, can achieve the best moisture-proof effect, and saves time and effort when pumping air

2. The vacuum bag is made of BPA-FREE and FDA-certified food-grade PE+PA composite material, strong and durable, recyclable, safe and environmentally friendly

3. The vacuum bag is specially designed for 3D printing filament, which can be adapted to 0.5KG/0.75KG/1KG package of 1.75mm/2.85mm/3mm filaments

4. The humidity card has high sensitivity and can be used repeatedly, so you can know the dry and humidity of filaments at any time







Basic intro

Double seal design

Better sealing

Moisture-proof and dust-proof to ensure the printing quality of filaments


Humidity card indication

High sensitivity, reusable, easy to observe

Know the dry and humidity conditions of filaments at any time


The right size

Wide applicability

Can be adapted to 0.5KG/0.75KG/1KG package of 1.75mm/2.85mm/3mm filaments


Additional intro

Single side embossing treatment

Easily transformed

Save time and effort when pumping


PE+PA composite material

Strong and sturdy

Recyclable, saving and environmental protection


BPA-FREE and FDA certificated

Food grade

Safe and environmentally friendly

Instructions for use:

1. Put the 3D filaments, humidity indicator card and desiccant into the vacuum bag

2. Exhaust the air as much as possible by hand, and then seal the bag with a sealing clip

3. Use the suction pump to aim at the air valve, draw out the gas, apply the valve once by hand, and flatten the plastic

4. Store in a dry and cool environment

Instructions for use

Instructions for use

The use of video




Possible reason


The vacuum bag cannot be vacuumed or air leakage occurs after vacuum

The bag is not completely sealed

Open the zipper of the bag and reseal the zipper with the sealing clip to ensure that the zipper is completely closed

The air valve is not placed on a flat surface when pumping air

Re-lay the bag air valve

The suction port of the hand pump is not in full contact with the air valve

Make sure that the suction port is placed flat above the air valve with proper pressure

Excessive pressure on the air valve from the suction port

Adjust the pressing force of the hand pump

The air valve is not completely closed

Press the air valve with your fingers after vacuuming

The vacuum bag is damaged

Replace the vacuum bag

Slow pumping

Manual pumping is slow

You can squeeze out a part of the air before pumping,the electric pumping device will be introduced later

Additional information

Weight0.75 kg



Full Vacuum Kit with Pump and Bags, Bags and Clips Only

1 review for eVacuum Kit for FDM 3D Printing filament spools

  1. 5 out of 5

    Dave Smith

    eVacuum kit for FDM 3D

    I thought I’d give thes vac bags a try. Wow, they really do keep the air out. I also purchased a few of those small electronic temp/humidity sensors to put in the bag as well as the colour cards, also supplied, reading those cards is some sort of ‘Dark Art’ to me. So after a couple of days inside the bag I can see the humidity level drop down to as low as 31% that’s got to be a win, win to me. The silica gel sachets and vacuum are a great combination. I think 10 bags are enough for any one to get you started. Give them a try.

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