FACILAN C8 2.85mm filament 750gms Natural

FACILAN C8 2.85mm filament 750gms Natural

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£45.60 £38.00 ex. VAT

A high strength, easy to print, low temp filament. A Copolymer that has been developed for functional 3D Desktop printing.

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ElogioAM is proud to be part of the Ultimaker Material Alliance Program.  Facilan C8 and Facilan HT are available in the Ultimaker Cura Marketplace.

Download pre-configured material profiles for Facilan C8, our workhorse 3D filament for smooth, strong 3D printed parts, and Facilan HT for durable heat resistant applications now available in Ultimaker Cura 3.6.
3D4MAKERS use high precision measuring equipment to guarantee the best 3D printing experience.

3D4MAKERS self-made extrusion machinery has a unique way of producing filaments. During the production of the filament it does not come into contact with water.  Following production the filament is immediately packaged in a vacuum bag. This results is a moisture-free product.

Facilan C8 Low temperature, smooth surface printing

This material has been designed to be used in manufacturing applications. With better interlayer bonding, smoother surfaces as well as higher strength, Facilan C8 is a true easy to print Additive Manufacturing material made for demanding end-use part applications.

Facilan C8 is an Additive Manufacturing Filament Designed for Manufacturing using 3D Printing. 

  • Facilan C8 Fused Deposition Modelling filament has a higher tensile  strength than ABS
  • Facilan C8 has higher impact strength than PLA.
  • On most printers, Facilan C8 should 3D Print without visible layers.
  • Facilan C8  has the best layer adhesion properties of any 3D printing material.
  • Facilan C8 has the best surface quality of any FDM material.
  • The material has a soft touch feel.
  • Facilan C8  should be smooth with an even matte surface finish.
  • Developed for high throughput manufacturing applications.
  • Consumer-friendly parts for true Additive Manufacturing.
  • Price: 39 Euro (ex VAT) for a 750 Gram spool
  • This material has been designed to be used in manufacturing applications. With better interlayer bonding, smoother surfaces as well as higher strength, Facilan C8 is a true Additive Manufacturing material made for demanding end-use part applications.

Facilan C8 Material Properties

  • Density: 1.4 g/cm°
  • Tensile Strength: 45 MPa
  • Elongation at Yield: 4 %
  • Tensile Modulus: 3000 MPa
  • IZOD Impact Strength (notched): 7 kJ/m2
  • Shore D Hardness: 72
  • Heat Deflection Temperature (0,45 MPa): 55 °C

Print Settings

  • Bed Temperature: Cold or 35c
  • Adhesion: PEI sheet / Glass /BuildTak / Print Bite / 
  • Print Temperature: 195 °C
  • Print Speed: 30 mm/s for the outer layer, 45 mm/s inner layer, 50 mm/s infill speed

Reviews from 3D4Makers customers.
Mika Sihvonen on May 08, 2019


Hello 3D4Makers – I have been testing the new Facilan C8 -filament for about a week now and I have to say that this is no doubt the BEST low temp printing filament I have ever been used. Very easy to work with, superb finish and nearly perfect layer adhesion. I°m going to order more of this as soon as possible. Now, I°m just going to enjoy the superb print and surface quality of this great material. Well done!! All the props goes to 3D4Makers!! 🙂

Dave v. on May 07, 2019


I know this is the best prototyping material available, easy to print with and perfect layer adhesion, you can not see any layers.

Gabriele B. on Mar 20, 2019


FACILAN C8 is a better filament to use. Simple to print and done special results on Printing also wiht economic 3D printer. Very Very good filament

Marko S. on Oct 03, 2018


You guys have superb service. Material is one of the best we ever tried and your customer service and speed is amazing. Thank you! It is always a pleasure to work with you!

Daaf on Sep 28, 2018


Very happy with Facilan C8. It proved easy top print and the prints were of great quality. They also seem easier to sand than PLA. I’m Considering Facilan C8 as base material.
A few colour options would be welcome (black).

Joseph Joosten on Mar 19, 2018


The material is very easy to print and the results have the look of injection molded parts.
The parts are very strong in Z direction.
Very good adhesion on PEI build plate an no warping.

ElogioAM makes no warranties what so ever, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to, any implied fitness for any particular purpose. From the moment the product is shipped it is beyond our control. The information in this document is believed to be correct at the time of writing. However, handling, processing, settings, the type of 3D printer, slicing and other variables are completely up to the user. The method through which the product is used can be varied. It is up for the customer to determine how it is 3D printed and whether it is fit for purpose or suited to a particular application.

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