Fiberlogy Nylon PA12+GF15 1.75mm Natural Sample

Fiberlogy Nylon PA12+GF15 1.75mm Natural Sample

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Glass fibre nylon filament – a perfect combination of high durability and impact resistance with dimensional stability. Resistance to high temperatures, up to 170C.

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PA12 + GF15

Glass fiber reinforced nylon is another offer from the Polish brand Fiberlogy. This time, the product is dedicated to users expecting high strength properties, thanks to which the prints will work even in the most difficult conditions.

The new product expands the range of Nylon-based filaments offered by Fiberlogy. The well-known NYLON PA12 and its two modifications enriched with carbon fiber (PA12+CF5 and PA12+CF15) are accompanied by a material with the addition of fiberglass – PA12+GF15.

Fiberlogy PA12+GF15, unlike pure PA12, has a significantly higher rigidity. However, it is more flexible than carbon fiber materials, which resulted in a filament with a very high impact strength. Thanks to this, it is ideal for all elements operating under variable loads and exposed to frequent impacts.

High chemical resistance, including gasoline, acids, alkali and salts, and the ability to work at temperatures up to 170°C allow it to be used in automotive and industrial applications. High impact strength, abrasion resistance and increased durability make this material ideal for everyday applications (including sports equipment and dentures) as well as functional utility models.

When printing PA12+GF15, be aware of its high abrasion, i.e. the abrasion of surfaces with which it comes into contact. The brass nozzle commonly used in 3D printers will not pass the test here and will be quickly destroyed, negatively affecting print quality. Therefore, the first step in approaching this type of materials is to replace the nozzle with a steel or even ruby nozzle, which will ensure perfect print quality and high repeatability of manufactured components.





Highly durable, flexible material.

Nylon has high impact and abrasion resistance; offering a high amount of tensile strength whilst also being a flexible material. It is one of the most heat-stable filaments, remaining unchanged in high temperature environments. 

It is hygroscopic, meaning that the filament will absorb moisture easily which will cause prints to warp and fail. This can be circumvented by keeping the filament in an air-tight, dry environment. Nylon can warp easily; depending on the printer and slicer used, some trial and error may be needed to prevent this. Printed items will degrade from UV radiation if left in sunlight for long periods of time.

Used for: Gears, Screws, and Cable ties.

Some manufacturers provide PA6 & PA12 Nylons, PA12 has increased moisture stability and is more resistant to moisture absorption. The same applies to Nylon 66 compared to Nylon 6.




Very High





Recommended Settings

Print Temp

225°C -265°C

Cooling Fan Off

Temp may vary on brand

Bed Temp

70°C – 90°C

Temp may vary on brand

Print Surface

Heated Bed Required
Enclosure Required

Example Prints

Additional information

Weight0.035 kg
Filament Brand


Filament Colour


Filament Diameter

1.75mm – 10 Meters

Filament spool weight


Filament Type

Glass Fibre, Nylon

Filament Range

Fiberlogy Nylon PA12


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