Hard Wood Carving Tool Set

Hard Wood Carving Tool Set

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Top Quality 6Pcs Hard Wood Carving Tool Set SKS9 Steel for Walnut Hard material Woodcut Knife Chisel with A Sharpening Stone and Case



1. Oval mahogany handle, wood texture Clearly, Comfortable Wood Handle.

2. SKS9 steel forging, harder than SK2 steel, strong toughness, prevent chipping effectively; it comes with a sharpening stone for you to grind the edges.

3. The carving knife using 2 times fine polishing, sharp edges, easy to carving.

4. Ergonomically designed sculpting knife handle for comfortable grip.

5. The outer plastic box is designed with a separate knife positions, when the carving knife is not in use, placed the tools in the slot, which is both tidy and beautiful.

6. Uses: It is mainly used for hand-carved walnuts, olive nucleus, and other harder materials.

7. Carving Knife shapes:  Semicircle arc knife, Small semicircle arc knife, Triangular knife, Flat round knife, Large flat knife, Large skew knife



Material: SKS9 steel

Handle material: wood

Outer box: plastic

Handle thickness: 1.1cm

Blade length: 2.3cm

Handle length: 15cm

Total length: about 17cm (manual measurement)

Note: The blade cannot be replaced.


Package Includes:

A set of 6 carving knives + 1 sharpening stone + plastic box


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