Hemera 1.75mm 12V Direct Kit

Hemera 1.75mm 12V Direct Kit

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£108.00 £90.00 ex. VAT

Upgrade your printer with a next-generation extrusion system. A compact, dual-drive providing unrivalled performance with flexible filaments

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Hemera is the most powerful extruder on the market. It provides excellent grip strength, outperforming the competition with over 100N maximum pushing force, meaning you can extrude at high flow rates with minimised risk of stripping filament.

Upgradable for all performance requirements 

Built around the E3D ecosystem, Hemera is adaptable to meet whatever performance requirements you may need. Print PLA at 600mm3/min with the standard V6 heater block or scale up to print carbon fibre reinforced PEEK at 6600mm3/m at 450C with the SuperVolcano HeaterBlock and NozzleX.

Easily adaptable

The T slot mounting system means you can easily design mounts for your 3D printer or choose from a selection of pre-designed mount adaptors to get you set up as quickly as possible.

A system designed to work together 

Integration is key to a responsive extrusion system. Hemera is a compact single unit built under one roof by one engineering team. Our parts work together with known tolerances and guaranteed compatibility, so there is no risk of purchasing a component from a 3rd party that doesnt quite work.


Hemera maintains compatibility with the V6, Volcano and SuperVolcano heater blocks and nozzles.

Accessible pricing for every user 

E3Ds manufacturing capabilities have significantly increased over the years. Design choices such as die-casting custom motor faceplates and heatsinks have enabled us to provide high quality, consistent parts at an affordable price point.

More information

For more detailed information about Hemeras features please see our blog

Please note:

Whilst Hemeras custom motor is similar to a NEMA 17, it isnt a standard NEMA 17. Therefore, Hemera is not compatible with other NEMA 17 motors and you will not be able to swap the motor with either a compact but powerful, slimline motor or other 3rd party motors.

Hemera is only available in 1.75mm.

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Hemera Idler Shaft


Hemera 1.75 Break 2.0

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