iglidur I190-PF 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm 750gms

iglidur I190-PF 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm 750gms

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(Avail 30 working days) The universal 3D Printing filament for moving applications with higher rigidity

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3D printer filament: iglidur™ l190-PF

The universal filament for moving applications with higher rigidity

  • Flexural strength 80 MPa, best iglidur filament
  • Easy to process on standard 3D printers
  • Excellent durability – abrasion resistance up to factor 50 higher than ABS
  • Lubricant and maintenance-free
  • Application temperature: 90 °c (after tempering of the component)

iglidur I190-PF is characterised by a high wear resistance as the material is enriched with solid lubricants. It can be processed on regular 3D printers, but a closed 3D printer is recommended. Due to its high wear resistance and excellent mechanical properties (firmness, durability, layer adhesion) it is an all-round material which is suitable for most applications and 3D printers. Of all igus tribo filaments, only iglidur RW370 has a higher strength than iglidur I190, making iglidur I190 the tribo filament with the highest strength that can be processed on regular 3D printers. With the adhesive for 3D printing for tribo-filaments, iglidur I190 can be processed on standard printing bed surfaces (e.g. glass).

When do I use it? – For all types of applications where low friction and high wear resistance are important – When an easy to process tribo-filament is required. – When higher breaking resistance is required. When not to use it?

  • If the application temperature is higher than 90°C in the long term (→ iglidur J260-PF or iglidur RW370-PF)
  • For applications under water or with high humidity (→ iglidur i180-PF)
  • If the application requires a food grade material (→ iglidur i150-PF or iglidur A350-PF)
  • When an even easier to process tribo-filament is required (→ iglidur i150-PF)

Typical application areas:

  • Special machine construction
  • Jig construction
  • Complex wear parts

Tribological 3D Printing Filament Tribology is the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion. It includes the study and application of the principles of friction, lubrication and wear.  Tribology is particularly important in today’s world because so much energy is lost to friction in mechanical components. To use less energy, we need to minimize the amount that is wasted. Significant energy is lost due to friction in sliding interfaces.


Outer diameter spool200 mm
Inner diameter spool52 mm
Spool width55 mm

General properties

Material suitable forBeginner
Max. moisture absorption (at 23 °C/73 °F, 50% r.h.)1.4 Wt.-%, test method DIN 53495
Max. water absorption6.0 Wt.-%
Net weight750 g
Flexural strength75 MPa
Density1.37 g/cm3

Physical and thermal properties

Max. long-term application temperature90 °C
Max. short-term application temperature120 °C
Lower application temperature-40 °C
Max. recommended surface pressure (at +20 °C/68 °F)35.0 MPa


Mould-free according to DIN EN ISA 846 Procedure ANo
Suitable for glue stickYes

Electrical properties

Surface resistance> 1011 Ω, test method DIN 53482
Specific volume resistance> 1012 Ωcm, test method DIN IEC 93

Mechanical properties

Shore-D Hardness71, test method DIN 53505
Modulus of elasticity2,400 MPa, test method DIN 53457

Processing instructions

Nozzle temperature (min.)270 °C
Nozzle temperature (max.)280 °C
Bed temperature (min.)70 °C
Bed temperature (max.)90 °C
Construction spaceNo closed installation space necessary

Chemicals Detailsearch Resistance classes: + resistant; 0 limited resistance; – not resistant; x no data existing + 1) The bearings are not chemically affected by these substances. However, their dimensions may change due to moisture absorption.


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