iglidur J260-PF 3D Printing Filament 2.85mm 250gms

iglidur J260-PF 3D Printing Filament 2.85mm 250gms

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(Avail 4 working days) Maximum service life and application temperature of the tribo-filaments, sophisticated processing.

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3D printer filament: iglidur™ J260-PF

iglidur J260 is available as an injection molding, bar stock, and 3D printing material (filament) and shows very similar friction and wear specifications in all manufacturing processes. It is therefore a reliable material for product development from prototype up to high-volume production. It has the best coefficient of friction and wear of the tribofilaments, as well as an increased long-term temperature resistance of 120°C. But it is also much more demanding to process: the printer should be able to achieve an extrusion temperature of 280°C and a printing bed temperature of 120°C, and ideally have a heated installation space. Without a heated installation space, only smaller components can be printed.

When to use it?

  • If the wear resistance of iglidur i150 or iglidur i180 is not sufficient.
  • When a higher application temperature of up to 120°C is required.
  • From prototype to series: the same material for 3D printing, bar stock, and injection molding

When not to use it?

  • If your existing 3D printer does not have a build chamber heater (→ iglidur i180-PF)
  • When mechanical specifications are very important in addition to abrasion resistance (→ iglidur i180-PF, iglidur i150-PF)
  • When complex parts have to be produced


Outer diameter spool200 mm
Inner diameter spool52 mm
Spool width67 mm

General properties

Material suitable forExpert
Max. moisture absorption (at 23 °C/73 °F, 50% r.h.)0.2 Wt.-%, test method DIN 53495
Max. water absorption0.4 Wt.-%
Net weight750 g
Coefficient of sliding friction, dynamic, against Cf53 steel0.16
Coefficient of sliding friction, dynamic, against 304 stainless steel0.14
pv value, max. (dry)0.35 MPa ⋅ m/s
Flexural strength41 / 13 MPa Printed flat / upright
Density1.35 g/cm3

Physical and thermal properties

Max. long-term application temperature120 °C
Max. short-term application temperature140 °C
Lower application temperature-100 °C
Thermal expansion coefficient (at 23°C/73°F)13 K-1 ⋅ 10-5, test method DIN 53752
Heat conductivity0.24 W/(m ⋅ K), test method ASTM C 177
Pressure load42 Mpa
Max. recommended surface pressure (at +20 °C/68 °F)24.0 MPa


Mould-free according to DIN EN ISA 846 Procedure ANo
Suitable for glue stickNo

Electrical properties

Surface resistance> 1010 Ω, test method DIN 53482
Specific volume resistance> 1012 Ωcm, test method DIN IEC 93

Mechanical properties

Shore-D Hardness66, test method DIN 53505
Modulus of elasticity1,000 MPa, test method DIN 53457

Processing instructions

Nozzle temperature (min.)260 °C
Nozzle temperature (max.)270 °C
Bed temperature (min.)90 °C
Bed temperature (max.)130 °C
Recommended adhesionigus® adhesive film
Construction spaceClosed installation space is necessary
Component coolingComponent cooling is not necessary, with cooling switched on it is also possible to print

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Weight0.75 kg
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Filament Colour

Natural, Yellow

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