Laywood Meta 5, 3mm 3D Printer Filament

Laywood Meta 5, 3mm 3D Printer Filament

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£21.59 £17.99 ex. VAT

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If you need a spool holder for this product you can either download and 3D print your own from here or add one to your order during your spool selection, which we have already printed for you at just ¬£3.50 per holder.

Kai Parthy now adds another unique material to his specialty range of filaments in the form of Laywood meta 5.

Laywood meta 5 has a rough texture when printed and gives a wonderful natural wood/cloth like appearance.


The material has a series of changeable attributes.

  • It Floats!  Once printed you can place it in water and once absorbed enough liquid it will float.  Let it dry and it will sink when hardened again.  Absorption time depends on the density of the print, approx 2-3 days.

  • It is Climate responsive.  You can stretch and shrink it slightly, when soaked or heated/cooled.
  • It has a thermal absorption quality.  The one thing that comes to mind is a natural looking coffee cup holder.


Other information:

  • Print at 235-250c
  • Can be printed on a cold platform with zero warp.
  • If soaked, dry the filament naturally or with a fan NOT in an oven.

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Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions300 × 250 × 30 mm
Filament Brand

Kai Parthy

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