POROLAY LAYFELT 3mm 3D Printer filament 250gms

POROLAY LAYFELT 3mm 3D Printer filament 250gms

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£14.40 £12.00 ex. VAT

POROLAY LAY-FELT is a new filament which has felt-like features, it contains stiff or soft felt-fibers. This material is made from a elastomeric polymer and a PVA-component.

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POROLAY is the name of a brand new series of 3D printer filaments. This new revolutionary line consists of foamy, felty filaments with a porous structure. With this filament you can build porous flexible objects.

The POROLAY line consists of four different types of filaments: LAY-FELT, LAY-TEKKKS, LAY-FOMM (40 & 60) and GEL-LAY. LAY-FELT and LAY-TEKKKS are similarly felt-like materials, though LAY-TEKKKS is thinner and more fibrous. LAY-FOMM and GEL-LAY are foamy and gel-like respectively. The composition of the POROLAY filaments consist of two different materials; a functional component, for example an Elastomer (i.e. a rubberlike) and a soluble component (e.g. PVA, sugar, salt, or soluble resins).

Note: the POROLAY filaments are specially designed for experimental use by experienced users.

POROLAY LAY-FELT is a new filament which has felt-like features, it contains stiff or soft felt-fibers. This material is made from a elastomeric polymer and a PVA-component. That means that part of this filament is water soluble. Once you rinse this material in water, the PVA component dissolves and the elastomeric polymer remains as your stabil fibrous object. The felty feature of this material makes it ideal for printing filters, 3D membranes, semipermeable membranes, artificial paper and bendable felty fabrics. LAY-FELT is also very suitable for use in water treatment membranes, or in electro-cells.

Your object printed with LAY-FELT will feel strong and rigid (slightly bendable) but after rinsing the print with water the object becomes like oriented felt, bendable but not elastic. This makes it very suitable for printing bendable felty objects. For the best result we recommend to immerse the print in a basin of tap water for 1 to 4 days.

Features of POROLAY LAY-FELT filament
– Optimal for printing felted objects
– Close to no warping
– A heated bed is not necessary when printing with LAY-FELT
– Printed objects are hot-sealable after drying – after rinsing the material the (PU) remains as your object. This PU is a Thermoplast and all Thermoplast are hot sealable which means, when you make them partially hot, stick both parts together, let them cool down, they are now sealed together (as glued together).
– Printed objects can be filled not only with water, try to use emulsions of oil, glycerin, inks, salty solutions, or ionic liquids to make it conductive
– All the components of LAY-FELT are harmless and food safe (FormFutura statement only).


Recommendations for printing POROLAY LAY-FELT filament
– Printing temp: between 225‚àû-235‚àûC
– For maximum flexibility rinse printed object in tap water for 1 to 4 days
– Shorten rinsing time by printing less walls/shells and less filling %
– Store filament dry / if wet after time > dry it in oven at 80‚àû for several hours
– After drying printed objects will be hot-sealable



A Water-soluble material used for supports in 3D printing.

PVA is typically only used as a supporting filament in printers with dual extruders. The machine can be loaded with PVA and another filament such as PLA; The object will be printed with PLA and the supports will use PVA, The finished print can then be placed into a body of water to dissolve all of the supports almost instantaneously. 

Due to being designed to work as a supporting material, PVA filaments typically aren’t suited to performing other roles due to their soluble nature. It can be used for prototypes and testing designs, But should not be used for parts with long-term usage.

Some PVA filaments have additives that make them better at supporting certain materials. PVA-M has great adhesion to PLA, and ABS. PVA-S can handle higher temperatures and adheres very well to ABS-X,  ASA-X, PET-G, and some TPU filaments. 






Very Easy



Recommended Settings

Print Temp

190°C – 210°C

Temp may vary on brand

Bed Temp


Temp may vary on brand

Print Surface

No Heated Bed Required
No Enclosure Required

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