LokBuild 3D Print Surface

LokBuild 3D Print Surface


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The ultimate printing surface for FDM/FFF 3D printers. LokBuild provides a durable and stable build surface whilst preventing model warping.

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Are you having difficulties getting your 3D prints to stick without warping? Struggling to remove your finished model after printing? Tired of messing around with inadequate solutions such as kapton, blue builders tape, hairspray and ABS slurry? LokBuild is the answer!

LokBuild provides the perfect printing surface for 3D models to adhere and also allows completed objects to be removed easily. LokBuild is a durable sheet that sticks to the bed of 3D printers.


If you have ever used tape or films you will know that they are difficult to fit. LokBuild is more rigid and really easy to apply to your build plate. Also it is almost impossible for air bubbles to get trapped beneath the LokBuild surface. LokBuild can be removed from the build plate cleanly in one piece and leaves no residue behind.

LokBuild Features

  • Optimal 3D Printing Surface
  • Improves Model Adhesion
  • Reduces Warping
  • Easier Nozzle Height Calibration
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Protect your Build Plate
  • Easy Removal of Completed Prints
  • One Build Surface for most materials
  • Easy to Install and Remove


LokBuild Materials

  • We are constantly testing new materials. Here is a list of just some materials that have been successfully printed on LokBuild
  • colorFabb_XT, colorFabb nGen, colorFabb_HT, colorFabb XT-CF20 (carbon fibre)
  • Woodfill, Bronzefill, Copperfill, Brassfill
  • Polymaker PC-Plus (polycarbonate), Polymaker PC-Max (polycarbonate), Polymaker PolyFlex, Ninjaflex


  • Why won’t my prints stick to LokBuild?  This is usually due to the nozzle being too far away from the LokBuild surface. Decrease the nozzle height slightly and repeat until you get good print adhesion.
  • Note that some materials such as ABS will require the nozzle to be closer to the LokBuild surface than others.
  • Why are my prints difficult to remove from LokBuild and are sticking too well? This is usually because the nozzle is too close to the LokBuild surface. Increase the nozzle height slightly and re-level the print bed. Removal of larger ABS prints can be helped by reheating the print bed.· TIP: When setting the nozzle height start further away from the bed than with other surfaces such as tapes. LokBuild works better without squashing the filament too much on the first layer.
  • How do I remove completed prints from LokBuild?  In most cases prints will pop off cleanly with minimal effort. However on some models with larger contact areas a spatula may be useful.
  • What bed temperature should I use for PLA?   When using LokBuild with PLA we recommend using an unheated bed if possible.
  • Does the bed need to be heated to print with ABS?  To print successfully with ABS the bed should be heated to the filament manufacturers recommended temperature (usually around 100-110 deg C).  Where conditions are good for ABS printing, such as an enclosed printer with an actively heated chamber, the bed can be a lower temperature than usual when used in conjunction with LokBuild. Materials such as PLA based can be used without a heated bed.

TIP: All LokBuild surfaces can be trimmed to match the shape and size of your build plate. This can be done easily with general household scissors or a craft knife.


The Ultimate 3D Print Build Surface…


LokBuild creates an excellent bond between 3D printed models and the build surface while preventing curling and warping. When prints are completed the model can be cleanly removed with minimal effort. This is a vast improvement over the excessive scraping and forcing involved with some of the alternatives.


Another big advantage of LokBuild is its durable finish. It is very effective at protecting the build plate. It is heat resistant and durable and can be reused for many consecutive prints. You can also use LokBuild with many different types of filament without needing to change the printing surface.


LokBuild is much more forgiving than some other products when setting the nozzle height and does not require such a high level of accuracy. This makes the calibration process much simpler and printing more enjoyable. TIP: When setting the nozzle height start further away from the bed than with other surfaces such as tapes.

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153 x 153mm, 203 x 203mm, 305 x 305mm, 432 x 432mm

5 reviews for LokBuild 3D Print Surface

  1. 2 out of 5

    James Shannon

    It looks the business, but prints do not stick. My first few prints worked fine, but then they started sliding around on the surface. Have cleaned the surface, levelled the bed, calibrated extruder height, and the first layers sometimes attach, but then it becomes detached later and I come back to spaghetti, or a print attached to the extruder. Am going to put some blue tape on it next, failing that, some glue.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Dieter Jaeger

    Best Built Plate Top!

    The perfect adhesion for any print. Easy to remove finished model. Highly recommended.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Michael Johnson

    Excellent product.

    No adhesive required for PLA, PETG, ABS. Surface is very tough and not damaged by a sharp spatula when unpeeling prints. Much better than my original Tiertime perf board surface.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Craig Tibble

    Perfect prints

    Zero print failures

  5. 5 out of 5

    Martin Wiesner

    Highly recommend

    This is the only build surface so far that withstands all the abuse that I can throw at it. I print ABS and PA/CF non-stop (high temps in other words) on multiple machines and as long as the z-height is dialled in, Lokbuild grips when hot, releases when cold every time.

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