Mitsubishi DuraBio PolyCarbonate Black 2.85mm 500gms

Mitsubishi DuraBio PolyCarbonate Black 2.85mm 500gms

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£30.90 £25.75 ex. VAT

DURABIO a Bio-Based easy to print Polycarbonate, which is particularly designed for applications requiring exceptional visual appearance with scratch and impact resistance as well as chemical inertness.

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A transparent Bio-based 3D printing PolyCarbonate filament, manufactured to the highest quality by the Mitsubishi Chemical Company of Japan.  DURABIO is particularly designed for applications requiring exceptional visual appearance with scratch and impact resistance as well as chemical inertness.

Available in Black, White and Clear.

Features of Durabio include;

Excellent optical and mechanical properties
Superb UV-resistance
Ductility, with strong impact resistance
High heat resistance
Scratch resistance
Chemical inertness
Biobased BPA free
Easy to print

DURABIO is a bio-based polycarbonate resin whose main raw material is plant-derived isosorbide.  It is a transparent engineering plastic which has various characteristics distinct from PC resins made from BPA raw materials.  In particular, its optical properties are superior.  Also light exposure stability and surface characteristics show high performance.

DURABIO is not biodegradable and with its superior durability, this novel bio-based polycarbonate may be employed in numerous applications. 

Because it utilises a plant-derived raw material with a uniquely important oxyalicyclic (non-aromatic) frame, DURABIO has excellent optical properties.  Its transparency and optical homogeneity surpass those of BPA-based PC resins.

In addition, there is negligible yellowing due to exposure to light, so it can be widely employed in applications that require light stability.  This is naturally beneficial in transparent applications, where even for applications needing light-coloured materials, there is little concern of colour change due to yellowing.

Furthermore, DURABIO retains high surface hardness characteristics, and in abrasion resistance is a significant improvement over PC resin.  Surface impact strength is excellent.  Even under conditions in which acrylic resins show brittle fracture, DURABIO shows the same ductile fracture as PC resin.  Impact properties are comparable to those of PC resin.





High strength, impact resistance, and high heat deflection. Used in engineering applications.

PC Has a minor flexibility property and can be lightly bent without breaking. It has outstanding thermal properties, being flame retardant and having very high heat resistance.

PC requires high extruder and bed temperatures. An enclosure is needed to keep the material warm while printing.  Prints can warp, and layers may not bond together if the temperature is too low or if cooling is enabled. It is hygroscopic, meaning it easily absorbs moisture from the air – spools should always be stored in dry air-tight places.

Used for: Car Parts, Electronic Casings, 3D Printer Parts.


Very High


Very High





Recommended Settings

Print Temp

260°C -310°C

Cooling Fan Off

Temp may vary on brand

Bed Temp

70°C – 90°C

Temp may vary on brand

Print Surface

Heated Bed Required
Enclosure Required

Example Prints

Additional information

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High Heat & UV Resistance

BPA Free

Filament Properties

Scratch resistant

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