Noise Reduction Feet Pads

Noise Reduction Feet Pads

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Original price was: £17.99.Current price is: £10.79. £8.99 ex. VAT

Anti-vibration noise reduction feet pads for 3D printers. Helps isolate vibration caused by printer axis movement and motors

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Anti-vibration Noise Reduction

3dB Anti-Vibration pads help isolate vibration caused by 3D Printer axis movement and thus reduce noise.

Some 3D Printers can be surprisingly noisy, this excess noise can be annoying or even distracting. Most noise is caused by vibrations generated from the axis movement. This vibration then translates into the worktop, which is then amplified. 

3dB Anti-Vibration pads solve this. They isolate the vibrations which come from a 3D Printer. The low profile gives excellent stability, even when at super high speeds. Print quality is retained, and even sometimes improved!

For print farms, 3dB Noise Reduction Pads can be even more useful. Multiple printers moving at once, can make the noise reach extreme levels. 3dB pads can help to solve this. 

  • 4 x 3db Anti-Vibration 3D Printer Pads


3dB Features
  • Dampens printer vibration
  • Reduces noise levels
  • Retains printer output quality
  • Can improve some print issues
  • Economical solution
  • Easy to use
  • For 3D printers up to 80kg net
  • Supplied as a set of 4 pieces

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Surprisingly effective!

    I installed these on my Ender 3 Max, not expecting much, and was actually really impressed by how well they work. I have my printer on a wooden desk and didn’t realise just how much noise was being caused by the reverberation through the wood until I got these. Highly recommended.

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