Nozzle Pro Pack

Nozzle Pro Pack

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£57.60 £48.00 ex. VAT

Looking to develop your 3D printing skills? The nozzle pro pack contains a variety of different nozzle diameters and materials allowing you to experiment with tiny details, larger stronger prints, high-temperature filaments and abrasive filled filaments.

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V6 Nozzles:

V6 nozzles are designed for use with the E3D V6 heater block. Modify your HotEnd to be able to print with small nozzle orifices to achieve fine details or larger nozzle orifice sizes for more substantial, stronger prints. 


Brass nozzles, featuring E3Ds signature internal geometry, have optimal thermal properties for everyday printing, providing smooth layers for standard non-abrasive applications. Rated to a max temperature of 300?C.

Plated Copper

Our unique plated copper nozzles are suitable for high-temperature, non-abrasive applications. The nickel plating provides a reduced-stick surface, ideal for situations where temperatures are too hot for a silicone sock. Rated to a maximum temperature of 500?C.

Hardened steel 

Hardened steel nozzles are good utility nozzles, suitable for abrasive filaments such as wood fills, glitter fills and metal fills. Even glow-in-the-dark filaments will abrade brass so our Hardened Steel nozzles are a great, lower-cost option when you cant stretch to a Nozzle X. Rated to a maximum temperature of 500?C. Please note this nozzle is not suitable for printing abrasive filaments at temperatures above 350?C.

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