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PolyMax Tough PC-FR 2.85mm White 3D Printing filament 1Kg

PolyMax Tough PC-FR 2.85mm White 3D Printing filament 1Kg

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£43.62 £52.34 inc. VAT

PolyMax PC-FR is a flame retardant PC filament (UL94V-0/1.5 mm) displaying excellent toughness, strength and heat resistance.

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PolyMax™ is a family of advanced 3D printing filaments produced with Polymaker’s Nano-reinforcement technology, to deliver exceptional mechanical properties and printing quality.

PolyMax™ PC-FR, creation from Covestro’s Makrolon® family, could achieve V0 performance in the UL94 flame retardancy test and displays excellent toughness, strength and heat resistance. This filament opens new applications in the automotive, railway and aerospace industries.

PolyMax™ PC-FR features Polymaker’s Nano-reinforcement technology: Nano-reinforcement technology is applied to produce filaments with excellent mechanical properties and printing quality. It dramatically improves the toughness of the material by increasing its impact resistance




High strength, impact resistance, and high heat deflection. Used in engineering applications.

PC Has a minor flexibility property and can be lightly bent without breaking. It has outstanding thermal properties, being flame retardant and having very high heat resistance.

PC requires high extruder and bed temperatures. An enclosure is needed to keep the material warm while printing.  Prints can warp, and layers may not bond together if the temperature is too low or if cooling is enabled. It is hygroscopic, meaning it easily absorbs moisture from the air – spools should always be stored in dry air-tight places.

Used for: Car Parts, Electronic Casings, 3D Printer Parts.


Very High


Very High





Recommended Settings

Print Temp

260°C -310°C

Cooling Fan Off

Temp may vary on brand

Bed Temp

70°C – 90°C

Temp may vary on brand

Print Surface

Heated Bed Required
Enclosure Required

Example Prints

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Filament Colour


Filament Diameter


Filament Properties

Flame Retardent

Filament Type


Filament Weight


Filament Weight


Filament Range

PolyMax Tough PC-FR

Filament Brand



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