PolyTerra PLA Charcoal Black 1.75mm 1Kg

PolyTerra PLA Charcoal Black 1.75mm 1Kg

Original price was: £22.50.Current price is: £13.50. £11.25 ex. VAT

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Original price was: £22.50.Current price is: £13.50. £11.25 ex. VAT

PolyTerra PLA is a bioplastic based, Matte surfaced 3D printing filament. Designed from the ground up to create the next generation of PLA, providing ease of use, printing quality, speed and reliability. It is a sustainable product sourced naturally and for every spool produced a tree is planted to give back to the earth. UK Mainland postage is included in the price.

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PolyTerra PLA could well be YOUR next generation GOTO 3D printing filament.  PolyTerra PLA is a PLA-based 3D printing filament designed from the ground up to create the next generation of environmentally friendly filaments, providing ease of use, high printing quality, speed and reliability. It is a newly developed material from Polymaker called Fully Bio Compound(FBC) which is a compound of PLA bioplastic and a biocomposite.

For every spool you purchase, Polymaker working with https://onetreeplanted.org/ will plant a tree for you on our beautiful planet.  Both the spool and packaging box is made from 100% recycled cardboard.  Data sheets are also made available online at the bottom of this page to reduce paper printing. Not only do you have what we believe is a value for money PLA product, it is also produced by one of the worlds leading filament manufacturers, Polymaker. This is a PLA material created after listening to feedback from the wider 3D printing community.  A filament created using the latest technologies that Polymaker have to offer.  A  material that is not only easier on the pocket but prints superbly.  Having tried and tested the material ourselves on several 3D printers we are 100% certain that you will not fail to be impressed. Check out prints below, we printed these models on the e3d toolchanger, Inventor 2s and the Craftbot Idex 3D printers.  The results we achieved were stunning for such a well priced filament.  Your 3D printer will love you for printing with PolyTerra PLA. Not only is PolyTerra PLA a very easy to print filament, it also has increased strength and durability over regular PLA filaments.




PLA is easy to print, at low cost. Non-toxic and Eco friendly. A perfect starting point for people new to 3D printing.

PLA is created from all-natural renewable resources, and under the correct conditions, is fully biodegradable. This material is typically used for prototypes or decorative prints; Due to the low temperatures and ease of use, features tend to print sharper and more detailed. Its non-toxic nature means that it can be printed for food and medical applications if done so from a sterile and sanitized environment. 
However, PLA prints are prone to snapping and breaking under pressure, and become damaged and discolored from high temperatures and prolonged exposure to sunlight or water. 

Used for: Design prototypes, Plastic Cups, Medical Implants, Food containers.






Very Easy



Recommended Settings

Print Temp

180°C -210°C

Cooling Fan on

Temp may vary on brand

Bed Temp

0°C – 45°C

Temp may vary on brand

Print Surface

No Heated Bed Required
No Enclosure Required

Example Prints

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions210 × 210 × 75 mm
Cardboard Spool


Filament Brand


Filament Colour


Filament Diameter


Filament Type


Filament Weight


Filament Weight


Filament Range

Polyterra PLA


TD RangeTD for HueForgeHex Code
You can download the full Polymaker library ready to import into Hueforge here.
Please be aware this will replace your current library of filaments.

6 reviews for PolyTerra PLA Charcoal Black 1.75mm 1Kg

  1. 5 out of 5

    Trevor Day – Enterprise XD Design


    I’ll be honest, I ordered this for two reasons: a) I needed a decent black PLA, I saw this and thought ‘what the hell’, and b) I could then say I was doing my bit for ‘The Environment (TM)’. I ordered it, it was shipped and delivered as efficiently as ever, and I loaded it into my Zortrax M200 to give it a go. This also added another reason for ordering it: c) it’s bloody good!! It was an actual piece of cake to dial in, prints with absolutely no problems (so far, I’m still printing my first model with it but it’s looking fantastic so far) and the finish is absolutely beautiful. I have to disagree with the description very slightly; I wouldn’t call it a matt finish. To me it looks like a more semi-gloss finish, I’ll see how it goes with sanding and finishing, but to be honest I’m perfectly happy with the semi-gloss! All in all I’d say you really can’t go wrong with this if you’re looking for a really good black PLA. I certainly will be ordering more colours of this brand and I’ll see if they’re all as good as this one!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Wow, It’s incredible.

    I love this filament and is going to be my go-to from now on. It offers near-invisible layer lines once printed and looks fantastic. I will have to say the only con with this filament is that the layer adhesion isn’t as strong as normal PLA but this material seems to behave more like a PETG than a PLA when it comes to the “strength”, it’s a lot less brittle than standard PLA and can bend instead of snapping. Overall a fantastic PLA would HIGHLY reccomend.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Paul Burgess

    Quality Material

    Have tried many filaments and this is the best and most constant supply.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Andrea Bevacqua

    I love it

    I love this PLA. The colours are stunning and I absolutely adore the matte effect. It also prints beautifully. I very rarely have problems and if I have it is my fault. For what I do, is a stunning filament

  5. 5 out of 5

    Andrea Bevacqua

    I love this PLA. The colours are stunning and I absolutely adore the matte effect. It also prints beautifully. I very rarely have problems and if I have it is my fault. For what I do, is a stunning filament

  6. 5 out of 5

    Andrea Bevacqua

    Is my to go filament

    At the beginning I choose it because I was looking for nice matte colours but when I discovered it also prints very well, I choose it as my daily filament. I appreciate it is not suitable for everyone, but for what I do is perfect. I just print it at 220deg C with very minimal if not at all stringing. I also love the green side of it, the fact that they put down a tree for every drum.

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