PrintBite 225mm X 225mm Generic

PrintBite 225mm X 225mm Generic

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£29.82 £24.85 ex. VAT

PrintBite offers perfect adhesion No matter the Material! TPU, TPE, PLA, PETG, ABS, Nylon, PC, NinjaFlex, FilaFlex, PolyFlex, Woodlay, ASA, Taulman Range filaments and many others. In addition to its superior adhesion properties, PrintBite comes supplied with a high temperature adhesive backing and a 20mm square grid graphic to give your machine a professional finish. PrintBite is shipped wrapped in acid free tissue paper inside a board backed envelope or cardboard sandwich in a post bag for the larger sizes.

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Please note some of the PrintBite sheets are of the new 0.8mm thick type.  Please adjust your z axis height accordingly.  The new style will be supplied with a notice label.

@3dfilaprint How to bring new life to a #3dprinter with a damaged bed using #printbite ♬ Funk It Up – Official Sound Studio

PrintBite is a cost effective easy to use long lasting print surface. No tapes or adhesive substrates required.  Printed parts self release as the heat bed cools down. Leaves parts with a super smooth blemish free bottom surface.

PrintBite+ will last for the lifetime of your printer, and is compatible with all materials. No tapes or adhesive substrates required. Printed parts self release as the heat bed cools down. Leaves parts with a super smooth blemish free bottom surface. Choice of Black or Clear colour, with Matte or Gloss finish. Compatible with all bed levelling and surface probe systems including PINDAInductiveInfra-red and Piezo sensors.

PrintBite features

  • Delivers lifetime adhesion performance
  • Does not wear out
  • More durable than PEI with wider material compatibility
  • Easy to Fit Easy to use
  • Now compatible with Prusa MK2 3D Printers.
  • Supplied with hi temp adhesive sheet attached
  • Adheres all commonly available materials in useage today
  • Eliminates bonding agents and tapes
  • Warp free prints without use of brims
  • Printed parts self release no more scraping
  • Smooth, flat, bottom finish, pleasing to the the eye
  • Avoid squish and reduce post processing of printed parts
  • Extremely tough and will change the way you approach your creativity.

PrintBite supports printing of the following materials on a clean hot level bed without substrates

  • PLA (including CF, metalised and other additive formulas)
  • ABS (including CF, metalised and other additive formulas)
  • Nylon (Taulman range and others including PCTPE)
  • Laywood/Laybrick
  • Copperfill/BronzeFill
  • Flexibles such as NinjaFlex, Filaflex, PolyFlex & Flexifill 92A & 98A
  • PET/PETG filaments
  • Conductive filaments
  • PVA support filament
  • HIPS
  • Polycarbonate
  • TGlasse
  • and many more

PrintBite is the result of over a years intensive testing and research into print surfaces, materials, and supply chain in order to be able to pass the benefits directly on to you. We continue that development and have made our surface better by refining the base component recipe directly with our manufacturer.
PrintBite does not degrade over time nor does it need replacing. It is extremely tough and will change the way you approach your creativity.
There is no claim that PrintBite is the holy grail of printing surfaces (although it does comes close), however we do claim that it is the easiest material to use whilst also being the most cost effective versatile all round printing surface available today!
The PrintBite surface comes with an attractive grid or target graphic. If you are a manufacturer of 3D Printers we can provide bespoke graphics upon request for volume orders. This can increase brand visibility and add a nice polished touch to your product.
PrintBite will

  • improve your 3D printing process
  • eliminate need for adhesives and potions, tapes and messy preparation
  • allow easy removal of parts once printed and cooled without tack
  • allow warp free printing of the widest possible range of materials on a single bed material
  • improve bottom layer adhesion and printing speeds
  • postively impact upon your whole 3d printing experience
  • increase print success rate

PrintBite will not perform miracles or solve issues related to

  • Poor heatbed performance
  • innacurate temperatures
  • Loose belts
  • Poor quality filament
  • Dirty bed surface
  • Poor bed levelling
  • Poor Extruder performance
  • Poor Hotend performance

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225mm x 225mm

1 review for PrintBite 225mm X 225mm Generic

  1. 5 out of 5

    Mike Edmonston

    Best surface i’ve used to date

    I have been printing for a few years now on glass with all sorts of stuff to try and make the prints stick. I thought my flex plates were good until I tried the Pritbite product. This is a game changer as far as I’m concerned and it does everything it promises, in fact more. I had a particular model that kept warping every time I printed it. Using the PrintBite I tried this model as the first test. No problem at all!! Printed first time with no liftin at all. The best part is the release when the table has cooled down. You can literally pick the print up without having to use any blades to release it. I thought it released too easy, so next print I gave it a tug while the table was hot. The print didn’t budge, and I gave it a good pull to try and dislodge it. Once again, when the table cooled, I could simply lift the print off the table. I wish I had tried one of these years ago. Would have saved loads of time, money and wasted prints.

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