Proto-Pasta Empire Strikes Black PETG (75% recycled) 1.75mm 1KG

Proto-Pasta Empire Strikes Black PETG (75% recycled) 1.75mm 1KG

£49.00 £58.80 inc. VAT

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£49.00 £58.80 inc. VAT

Recycled Black PETG Filament

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Protopasta Empire Strikes Black, now in PETG (and still in HT PLA).

Protopasta PETG benefits include:

  • quality ingredients plus in-house processing for curated chemistry
  • up to 75% recycled content refreshed with new PETG
  • minimal packaging with recyclable cardboard spools
  • processing from 210+ C @ 2 cu mm/s volume rate, 70+ C bed
  • prints like new PETG with larger, more forgiving process window
  • less rigid than PLA and HTPLA for more flex before break
  • more heat resistance than PLA, but less than heat treated HTPLA

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