Raise3D Industrial PA12 CF Support Filament

Raise3D Industrial PA12 CF Support Filament

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£173.97 £144.98 ex. VAT

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PA12 CF Support 

A special break-away support material designed for PA12 CF composite filaments.

Raise3D Industrial PA12 CF Support Filament is a break-away support material specially developed for the FFF printing process with carbon fiber-reinforced PA filaments. This support material has broad compatibility with many high-performance carbon fiber-reinforced composite filaments and is more cost-effective when compared with water-soluble support material.

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy and fast removal with tools or hands
  • No special treatments required
  • Broad compatibility

Compatibility: PA12 CF and other PA CF filaments

Please note, that carbon fibre-reinforced filament is abrasive and can wear out brass nozzles quickly. It is suggested to print carbon fibre filament with a hardened nozzle.


  • Support material for PA12 CF
  • For large overhangs and cavities
  • Easy to remove and break away
  • Smooth and clean support interface

Recommended Print Settings

Nozzle Temperature (°C): 280℃-290℃

Bed Temperature (°C): 60-80℃

Layer Height (mm): 0.1-0.25 mm

Printing Speed (mm/s): 30-120 mm/s

Cooling Fan: 30%-50%

Drying Temperature (°C): 80℃ for 6-8 hours




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