Rotary Module for Snapmaker 2.0

Rotary Module for Snapmaker 2.0

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Add a 4th Axis to your Snapmaker to to expand it’s CNC and Laser Engraving capabilities, for models A250, A350 – 48 Hour Shipping UK Mainland

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Rotary ModuleCNC CarvingLaser EngravingAccuracyAdjustable

Additional information

Weight2.2 kg

120 width _ 284 depth _ 108 height (mm)

Inward-clamping Range

1 – 30 radius (mm

Material Type

Aluminum alloy

Material Length Range

10 – 70 mm, with tailstock 10 – 125mm, without tailstock

Maximum Angular Speed


Maximum Material Size

70 length _ 68 radius (mm) – with tailstock 125 length _ 68 radius (mm) – without tailstock

Outward-clamping Range

10 – 50 radius (mm


0.1? Angle Precision 0.2? Precise Control

Rotation Type

360? continuous

Supported File Types

.stl .bmp .svg .dxf .jpg .jpeg .png

Supported Materials for CNC

Wood tooling and modeling board plastic bamboo wax more being tested

Supported Materials for Laser

Wood leather plastic fabric paper non-transparent acrylic more being tested

Supported Software

Snapmaker Luban, Autodesk Fusion 360, Vectric Aspire

Printer Model

A250, A350

Filament Weight



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