The PolyBox Edition 2 Polymaker

The PolyBox Edition 2 Polymaker

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£67.20 £56.00 ex. VAT

Keeping your filaments dry and in tip top shape, ready for your next print.

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Polymaker introduces PolyBox Edition 2

PolyBox Edition 2 is the filament storage box that allows you to store and print your materials in their optimum printing environment.


PolyBox Edition 2 includes a built-in high-precision hygrometer and silica gel desiccant sachets to control and absorb moisture from the air. The humidity within the box is maintained below 15% to prevent the filament from absorbing moisture during the storage and even during the 3d printing process. It is specifically designed for Nylon, PVA, PolySmooth and other highly hygroscopic 3D printing materials. However, its good practise to keep all 3D printing filaments inside the PolyBox  to preserve the optimum printing quality.

Please note; The large 3Kg spools available by Poylmaker fit neatly into the PolyBox, the 2.3kg spools currently supplied by FilaPrint DO NOT!

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  1. 4 out of 5


    The PolyBox™ Edition 2 by Polymaker
    Simple and functional

    As a passive dry box, it gets a good enough seal for maintaining a very low humidity inside, it would be worth investing in rechargeable desiccant packets, as this comes with two normal silica gel packs. It would also be a nice improvement point if you could power the thermo-hygrometer on and off without needing to take the battery out, as this unfortunately does not seem to be the case.

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