3DXTech THERMAX PSU Natural 1.75mm

3DXTech THERMAX PSU Natural 1.75mm

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£55.44 £66.53 inc. VAT

Polysulfone (PSU) is a high-temperature aromatic sulfone polymer. PSU has excellent thermal and chemical resistance, resistant to gamma radiation also, making it well suited for demanding applications in automotive, aerospace, electronics, defence, food service, industrial, medical, semi-con applications.

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ThermaX PSU 3D Printing Filament

Polysulfone (PSU) is a high-temperature aromatic sulfone polymer.  PSU has excellent thermal and chemical resistance, making it well suited for demanding applications in automotive, aerospace, electronics, defence, food service, industrial, plumbing, medical, semi-con applications.    

ThermaX PSU is an excellent alternative to ULTEM 9085:

  • Superior thermal properties (higher Tg and HDT) allow for higher strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures
  • Lower cost per kg and lower density (more filament per kg)

Attributes of Firewire™ Polysulfone (PSU) include:

  • Very high thermal properties with a Tg of 187?C and HDT of 172?C  [Superior to ULTEM 9085]
  • Excellent hydrolytic resistance
  • High Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR)
  • Highly resistant to gamma radiation
  • Sterilisation suitable – including EtO gas, radiation, steam auto-claving, plasma, dry heat and cold sterilisation
  • Resists most common automotive fluids, including gasoline, antifreeze, transmission fluid, motor oil, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid
  • Excellent dimensional stability (low creep sensitivity and low, uniform coefficient of thermal expansion) and highly reproducible part-to-part dimensions

Filament Specifications:

  • Diameter:  1.75mm (+/- 0.05mm)
  • Density:  1.24g/cm3

Recommended Print Conditions: (starting points)

  • Extruder Temp: 350 – 380?C (all-metal extruder)
  • Bed Temp: 140-160?C
  • Bed Prep: Ultem? Tape, Polyimide Tape, Lightly sanded FR4 or Perf board. 
  • Drying Instructions:  Please see the following instructions for when you want to dry out this filament, HERE.  


For a list of 3D printers that are capable of printing high temperature materials such as ULTEM or PEEK view here. https://www.aniwaa.com/best-peek-3d-printer-pei-ultem/ 
USA Customer reviews


It worked for me just fine.

A client needed a V0 rated material and picked this product. I had not read the reviews till after the project started to give it a fair shot. First off I saw ABS and went from there. Pulled the work horse fully modded MB Rep1 out of it’s winter storage, acetone wiped the .4mm Kapton sheet clean and printed with my standard tuned ABS settings via S3D. I’m fully enclosed, which is the only way to do ABS consistently btw, .4mm nozzle, .2mm layer, 60mm/sec, no fan, 230C and 110C on the temps and a half layer tram. I basically printed AC outlet covers and they stuck fine, no corner lift, and when it cooled there was minimal effort to remove them. I’ll probably up the retraction a tad to clean up a few globbies here and there.. Normally I incorporate a pry notch into pieces like this because regular ABS really locks down to clean Kapton when trammed that tight. So I can see where some may have issues. The odor was more intense than ABS imho. Finished parts were strong and the supports removed easy. Thumbs up over here.

Rajil . 


Excellent material

Well for starters i have been doing engineering grade filaments for about three months, its been a great journey, after trying ultem 1010/ ultem 9085 / PPSU i tried PSU, first of all, this doesnt stick to kapton or whatever you can conjure, only will stick to PEI sheet which has gloss, the first layer gap shudnt be too much or else it wont stick properly i recommend 0.15mm max out rest is dependant on your bed adjustment the more accurate the better, then bed temps for this one is at least 160 C to keep it on the bed, and like all my reviews i recommend using a raft, if you see all roboze and stratsys vids you will see rafts, the raft must be bigger than your mode for sure, printing this upt o 375-385C is no problem, lower temps will decrease bonding, as you will see in my print i made a few mistakes with speeds but the print was completed and i am confident of a better one the next time, overall a superb material with a little bit of flex, thanks 3dxtech for bringing this to us, now i seriously await your peek filament, as i dont trust other quality after using your products :), and if possible please change the recommended bed temps, cause 110-120 really wont keep it on the sheet, thanks again


Denver, CO

Challenge to stick to build plate

The material properties of the raw filament are great: It’s strong and tough. The sections of printed parts that have completed are also quite tough and strong and didn’t become brittle the way the Ultem 1010 did. The challenge with this material is getting it to stay stuck down to the build surface. I’ve tried: plain Kapton/PEI, Kapton+ABS slury (probably the best, but will degrade the kapton), and PVA on glass. Using a skirt, the kapton + ABS slury can get a few layers before it starts curling at the ends. Generally by the time the 3rd layer is going, the whole part has lifted. Checking a single layer, the bed adhesion has been quite low. I suspect a really high build plate temp would work (at or near the Tg). I’ve gone as high as 130C on my machine (in an enclosure), but that probably won’t cut it. In an attempt to address the warping, I tried doing a very hot first layer with colder additional layers, which helps, but still isn’t good enough for the build surfaces I’ve tried so far. The odor is low which is nice, considering PC is probably the best alternative to this (the ESD-PC is low oder, but most PC has terrible odor issues). If you’ve printed lower temperature materials with the same hot end/nozzle you use for PSU, there’s a good chance the old stuff will decompose at the relatively high temps – heads up on air quality.


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